Remember when the hashtag for the season 6 summer finale was #FaceToFace? The hashtag was telling us who -A was!! #FaceToFace

But Marlene made a video about the summer finale with a t-shirt that said “IT’S NO LIE”, an anagram for IT IS NOEL.

In 6x10, they said we’d face -A (face to face thing) but not Charles. I still don’t believe Cece’s story about Charles being transgender.

After 7x09, what if Charles it’s really Noel and Cece was covering him up?
Noel was at the dollhouse, he clearly was the Charles at the prom, the one that met Spencer… 


That was not Sara Harvey’s phone! The bottom of the screen says “slide to answer” unless the phone is calling itself–who’s phone is it? Noels? Who has Sara Harvey’s phone?? 

What do you think? 

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Toby is A theory:

First of all, most of the time the A character is dressed like a boy. If it is a male I’m sure he is Toby. I’m saying Mary’s second child is Toby and in 7x08 Doctor Cochran says that the baby stayed in the Radley Sanitarium for some time. We know that Marion was working in Radley and what if she adopted Toby? Cece might have made that “Marion’s tragic death that Bethany caused” tale all up. She wouldn’t want anyone to notice that Mary had a second child. If A is Cece’s brother that’s exactly why he is looking for the killer: he will find them and kill them for revenge. Uber A wants revenge. Also this explains the whole tattoo story. “901 free at last” why would he have the date of Ali get missing and Cece got out of Radley. I thought he could’ve been Charles back then but now the brother of Cece story completes the missing parts. There are strong reasons for Toby to hate the liars. He got arrested because of “The Jenna Thing”  when he had nothing to do with it. Then everyone treated him as the bad guy and he was all alone just because of Alison and her friends. Also here are some clues about this theory:

Toby got arrested but he wasn’t guilty. Hanna got arrested but she wasn’t guilty. Then all the liars got arrested and they weren’t guilty. A is putting the liars through the same punishment Toby suffered. Smells like revenge. (thanks to @tremolux for this great clue!)

The Disco Ball thing. At the beginning of the episode 6x09 Aria says “For all we know, Charles is in Spencer’s barn right now installing a lethal disco ball.” A few scenes later we see Toby installing a disco ball in Spencer’s barn. (thank you @pll-investigator)

Toby’s writing is really similar to A’s writing. We have seen his writing in a letter he wrote to Spencer. 

A built the dollhouse. Cece just can’t build a dollhouse all by herself. We know that Toby is a carpenter and building a house at the moment for Spence/Yvonne. 

A attacked Alison dressed like a cop. He/She was in a police car. Toby is a cop and it’s the easiest thing for him to do this.

In most of the -A scenes we see tools. Toby is a carpenter.

I think I’ve counted enough reasons to believe why Toby is A. (there’s so much more than this.)  Reblog or like this theory if you agree and if you want us to write other theories. Thank you all for reading. :)