Growing up sucks…

“Ali, you’re going to have a beautiful baby.”

For all the haters and negative people, I am just going to say that this is probably the most grown up solution I have seen on this show. There is no way Paige can handle Ali having Emily’s baby and there is no way you can get Emily without Ali because of the baby, so this was the best solution. That had to be the hardest thing to walk away from, and instead of kicking and screaming, Paige showed a level of empathy and decorum that actually made me admire her. Good job to the writers, cast and crew for this one…

Toby built the game board

Mona was admiring the game board and the writers made a big point for her to say it was lovingly handmade and that it wasn’t so much a computer, but pulleys, levers, and other construction materials. This whole time we thought it was a super computer but no, it was built with objects from a hardware store. This makes me think Toby built it because we know he was on the A team (or still is), knows construction (built Spencer a chair and Yvonne a house) so why couldn’t he have built this game board? He could have also built the dollhouse, too! Toby is still super shady and we haven’t seen him since Yvonne died. What do you guys think?

spencer + Wren?

anyone else think how odd and random it was that spencer met wren. I mean the scene literally came out of nowhere. 1 min she was upset and fury the next she was upset coming out of the shower, how did she end up at the airport with wren in between? If they’re going with the twin plot line, i feel like that wasn’t wren and spencer, but actually wren with spencer’s twin. That explains why she didn’t want ezra to mention it. Especially with wren’s connection to radley and mary and charlotte i truly wouldn’t be surprised if he was conspiring with the twin.

***I know this is a reach but with this show i truly don’t know anymore***