Mr. & Mrs. Hendrix

Prompted by the genius Kaitlyn Alexander

I’m like 98% sure that Alison would have become a famous actress, but DYAD messed it up because if she became famous then people would figure out that they had cloned people. It wasn’t because Alison didn’t work hard or have talent, she was just screwed over and no one can convince me otherwise until it is planly said in the show. 

What I need from season 4 of orphan black:

1. I need Cosima to be sassy again. I need her to be confident, comforting, and an adorkable scientist.

2. I need Helena to go through some much needed routine pregnancy tests. I swear this child is gonna come out all messed up from her not even taking folic acid.

3. I need someone to tell me what is Kira made of? Why did she heal so quickly? Why can’t she wave her hand and solve everything?

4. I need the clones to realize that the Hendrixes have killed Aynsley, Leekie, and now they’re drug dealing. And I want to see the reaction to that understanding.

5. I need Sarah as Krystal. But also, I need everyone including Felix and Ms S watching it, so they can tease her later :-)

6. I need Sarah to yell at:
- Scott, for choosing a cat over Cosima’s life.
- Cosima – for choosing orgasms over her personality.
- Helena – for choosing murder over everything. Plus eating all that sugar will give her gestational diabetes.

7. I need to understand where Cosima lives! Isn’t DYAD paying well? Did she even tell her parents that she’s dying? What about her PHD at the university of Minnesota? And also, is Delphine in Marion’s basement?

8. I need Ferdinand to become BFF with clone club. And maybe. Just maybe, if he’s good, we’ll let him and Rachel go off into the sunset for some BDSM.

9. I need a clone who speaks Spanish. Why not? Tat already speaks the language.

10. I need to know – is the patent still a thing?

11. I need Alison, Felix and Krystal to go shopping. They can drag a reluctant Cosima with them.

12. I need to know the answer to the “who am I” riddle. And I prefer Krystal to solve that easily.

13. I need Scott to get a girl. And for Felix to get a boyfriend, and maybe more screen time. Also, can Krystal and Art fall in love?

14.  I need Sarah to inform EVERY SINGLE CLONE how many times Delphine saved them. Then I need her to do everything she can to find and rescue her – just like she did with her “brothers”,  yes, the brothers she met 2 minutes ago, who tried to kill her.

15-100. I need Delphine to be alive. But not just alive. I need to see Cosima worried, in tears, broken, understanding all her mistakes. I need to see the clone club mourns, full of regret for the way they treated her. Then. only then, I need her to reappear, hero like, humble, tender, vulnerable, preferably wounded, to accept all the love and care she deserved for the last 10 episodes.