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how many rose icons do you have?

I am actually in the process of re-making all of my icons. I originally began creating them like this:

but the screencaps were terrible quality and I didn’t like this design a lot. I have 308 of them though (in that style) i might post them later!

I am now going episode by episode ^^ with this style. I have:

  • Rose – 150 icons
  • End of the World – 121 icons
  • the Unquiet Dead – 109
  • World War 3/Aliens of London – 134 icons
  • Dalek – 111 icons

Basically it’s going to take me a while to re-make all of them but it will be worth it!

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Everything I Can See From Here


 (based on TV accounts, not including book, comic book, and audio mentions)

450 years (approx) (Doctor 2, The Tomb of the Cybermen)

750 years (approx) (Doctor 4, Pyramids of Mars)

750 years (Doctor 4, The Robots of Death)

759 years according to Romana 756 according to the Doctor (Doctor 4, The Ribos Operation)

760 years (Doctor 4, Power of Kroll)

900 years (Doctor 6, Revelation of the Daleks)

900 years (Doctor 6, The Mysteroius Planet)

953 years (Doctor 7, Time and the Rani)

900 years (Doctor 9, Aliens of London)

900 years (Doctor 9, the Empty Child)

903 years (Doctor 10, Voyage of the Damned)

904 years (Doctor 10, Day of the Doctor)

906 years (Doctor 10, End of Time)

907 years (Doctor 11, Flesh and Stone)

907 years (Doctor 11, Amy’s Choice)

909 years (Younger Doctor 11, The Impossible Astronaut)

1008 years (approx) (Doctor 11, Night Terrors)

1103 years (Older Doctor 11, The Impossible Astronaut)

1200 years (Doctor 11, A Town Called Mercy)

1000  years (approx) (Doctor 11, The Bells of Saint John)

1200 something years (but admitted he could be lying or just lost track) (Doctor 11, Day of the Doctor)

Over 2000 years (Doctor 12, Deep Breath)


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Favorite Five: Makeup Artists

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When you were a kid, you might have thought makeup was for girls(or your grown-up self). You were full of $#!*. Makeup artists are one of the most under-sung components of movie making, though this certainly isn’t a misconception shared by genre fans, who have known for a long time how important the man or woman making the monsters are.

The makeup artists and practical special effects technicians are, in many ways, the driving force of movie magic. It wasn’t JUST color coming to Oz that captured our imagination in WIZARD OF OZ, it was how vivid that color blossomed in the Wicked Witch’s face, applied by the legendary Jack Dawn. The acting, atmosphere, and set designs for ALIEN were all top-notch, but it was H.R. Giger’s monstrous xenomorph and creature creations that drove it all home and made it stick with us in our nightmares. Lon Chaney was “The Man of a Thousand Faces,” not just because he played so many grotesque and monstrous characters in the silent film era of Hollywood, but because he applied his own makeup to construct each and every one of his fantastical and ghoulish characters. He was a pioneer, and if not for him, perhaps none of the following would exist.

What follows are my five favorite movie makeup artists. It’s impossible to include them all, but rest assured that I love those not included (example: Carlo Rambaldi’s E.T.) as well.

5. Rob Bottin

External image

The man deserves a spot on this list for his work on John Carpenter’s THE THING alone. But he also has PIRANHA, THE FOG, THE HOWLING, ROBOCOP, TOTAL RECALL, and FIGHT CLUB on his resume, to name a few.

He cut his teeth on 1976′s KING KONG and the first STAR WARS, and just five years later created one of the best monsters, aliens, and creatures in movie history: The Thing. The chest defibrillator scene (“Clear”), the dog’s transformation, the Thing skittering on the floor… everything is STILL so creepy, ooze-y, and wonderful.

When he was 14, he sent a letter to Rick Baker asking for his autograph on a picture he drew. Instead, Rick Baker hired him as his apprentice.

For more on Rob Bottin and The Thing, check out their placement in our Favorite Five: Movie Aliens.

4. Greg Nicotero

External image

Nicotero is just now gaining fame and notoriety for THE WALKING DEAD, but he’s been around for a while, having learned the craft under another all-time great, Tom Savini. He was Savini’s assistant for DAY OF THE DEAD, was a part of the crew on EVIL DEAD II and PHANTASM II, and then he blew up (not literally). He started KNB EFX Group in 1988, and has been all over the big and small screen ever since.

He’s worked with Steven Spielberg, and been a mainstay on the sets for Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s films. His breadth and scope is absolutely unreal. Here’s a quick cursory glance at his Greatest Hits resume: MISERY, HALLOWEEN 5, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET: THE DREAM CHILD, ARMY OF DARKNESS, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, SPAWN, SCREAM 2, SPY KIDS, GHOSTS OF MARS, MINORITY REPORT, KILL BILL, SIN CITY, CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, PRIMEVAL, THE HITCHER, DEADWOOD, DEATH PROOF, THE MIST, DRAG ME TO HELL, JENNIFER’S BODY, SPLICE, PREDATORS, THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS, THIS IS THE END, and THE WALKING DEAD.

He has brought big budget movie-caliber special FX to AMC with THE WALKING DEAD, and has made some of the most terrifying, gruesome, and life-like zombies EVER. Say what you want about the show, the detail that he puts into every episode is INSANE, and it’s his make up that makes the whole situation and dystopian feel work. He’s still at the height of his powers, so it’s going to be a treat to see what he brings next to THE WALKING DEAD, and to the horror landscape in general.

3. Stan Winston

External image

In many ways, Stan Winston is the pillar of modern day make up men. His FX work is worthy of a whole other post, but it’s purely his make up work that we’re here to gush about. And there’s a lot there to tout.

He truly burst onto the scene with TERMINATOR 2 and was still the man when T3: RISE OF THE MACHINES rolled around. He worked on THE THING and FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3, but really made his mark when he transformed Johnny Depp into EDWARD SCISSORHANDS. From there, his Penguin in BATMAN RETURNS, his wonderful aliens in GALAXY QUEST, the Fat Bastard in AUSTIN POWERS, and his monsters on THE MONSTER SQUAD startled and transfixed audiences. Plus, beyond leaving all these wondrous visions, his legacy lives on through the Stan Winston School, one of the world’s best FX and creature creation academies.

Sometimes it’s hard to separate makeup work with FX, especially when they’re such a cohesive part of the film, like many of Stan Winston’s accomplishments. So, let’s just list some of those too: ALIENS, THE TERMINATOR, THE MONSTER SQUAD, PREDATOR 2, and IRON MAN. Oh, and a little movie called JURASSIC freakin’ PARK.


2. Rick Baker

External image

He’s won 7 Academy Awards for Best Make Up, including the first Oscar ever in the category with AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON in 1982, and sharing an Oscar with Dave Elsey on THE WOLF MAN in 2011. His career dates back to 1972, and his mastery has spanned five decades. The highlights (Oscar winners underlined) include the aforementioned AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS, ED WOOD, MEN IN BLACK, HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS, THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, the iconic “THRILLER” music video, THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN, THE HOWLING, and of course, THE WOLF MAN.

He even worked on KING KONG and STAR WARS, like his apprentice Rob Bottin. To fully grasp his achievements, let’s just look at the groundbreaking werewolf transformation scene in AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. It’s always worth a gander:

Rick Baker hasn’t lost a step since, and he more than anyone else, represents the pinnacle of modern monster making and makeup. Anyone whose range spans such vivid and vibrant aliens as in the MEN IN BLACK franchise, to making the Klumps, to amazing werewolf transformations (perhaps film’s best), certainly has a mastery of the field as a whole. The man can do anything.

1. Jack Pierce

External image


Not to mention the countless sequels and crossovers for every Universal monster that he created and made indelible. The guy even made MISTER ED a hit. Yeah, he was good. Along with Lon Chaney, he basically created the art of monster making.

Without Jack P. Pierce, none of these men may have followed. Heck, FM probably wouldn’t exist. His body of work is unparalleled, his sheer volume is mind-blowing (over 157 films to his name, many of which he was uncredited, a darn shame). He was a pioneer and a legend, paving the way to Oscar glory for everyone else on this list. Unfortunately, best makeup wasn’t a category when Pierce was working, and it was a different time in Hollywood.

This is a man who made magic with Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney Jr., Bela Lugosi, and all the rest. This was back in the 1930′s, and we’re still amazed, astonished ,and astounded by his masterful craftmanship 80+ years later. He captured our imaginations, making us all monster kids forever. All hail Mr. Jack Pierce.

Favorite Five: Makeup Artists was originally published on Famous Monsters

Rewatching series 1 is so rewarding. All the character interactions and development are incredibly real and believable. Mickey’s already getting more mature, having gone through a year of hell that we didn’t see, and now is finally getting respect from the Doctor. Rose and the Doctor are just in their own little world being somewhat inconsiderate of others, especially Jackie, who’s devastated at losing Rose again after a year of thinking she was dead. It’s always parent-child relationships that choke me up the most in fiction - maybe because the most important relationships in my life so far have been with my parents - and I just sobbed for the last five minutes or so of World War Three throughout Jackie’s pain. Series 1 is such a gem. No wonder the show rocketed back into the hearts of the nation.


(.verse) the apple of her eye
Main Verse: Gordon’s modern life as a civilian after serving in the Army, where he went to university to study engineering. His job in London is to design and build machines that build tools. Very challenging & technical but in some cases very boring  

(.verse) just a little soldier boy 
These at Gordon’s years serving as a soldier from 18-22. It is his saddest time and he’s only home on leave every so often. During this verse he is very reserved and hard to engage in conversation. 

(.verse) top of his class
Gordon’s School years. He’s very happy, bubbly and excited for the future. 

(.verse) my mother fights aliens
After an incident in London opens his eyes to his mother’s REAL occupation. All he wants to do is join her and join the good fight, but as an engineer in the science department. 

(.verse) doing what grandfather never could
Gordy becomes a companion on the TARDIS with the Doctor – except he still doesn’t know what his mother does for a living or her involvement with the Doctor. 

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