Actor Brian Donlevy was born February 9, 1901. On the big screen, he was known for playing tough guys and dangerous characters in noir dramas, though he could work just as effectively outside of this realm. One of his most famous roles came in Preston Sturges’ The Great McGinty, a comedic political satire. He also starred in two British films as scientist Bernard Quatermass, battling aliens bent on world domination.

On radio, Donlevy starred as Steve Mitchell, a two-fisted American secret agent, on Dangerous Assignment. Mitchell was a globetrotting troubleshooter who protected Americans and American interests all around the world. Donlevy reprised the role in a successful television series.

In honor of his birthday, I’ll post some of Donlevy’s radio performances. For more from the Golden Age of Radio, click here to subscribe to the “Down These Mean Streets” podcast in iTunes.

“I soon felt that strange and mysterious sensation which is awakened in the mind when looking down from lofty hilltops, and now I was able to do so without any feeling of nervousness, having fortunately hardened myself to that kind of sublime contemplation. I wholly forgot who I was, and where I was. I became intoxicated with a sense of lofty sublimity, without thought of the abysses into which my daring was soon about to plunge me.”
― Jules Verne

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