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What is your definition of The Survival Horror Genre? And Do you think recent horror themed titles such as Dead Space, Alien Isolation and The Last of Us belong to this Genre or are a diferentona genre of Horror? And in your opinion, how RE can return to it s roots?

I’d say to have the label of Survival Horror, a game needs a macabre theme and the basic means to defend yourself. Claustrophobic environments with deadly puzzles to solve, too.

It might just be a personal preference, but I feel since this entire genre was founded around having fixed camera angles, that’s a pretty important part of Survival Horror. It doesn’t necessarily mean a game has to use fixed cameras throughout the entire span, but they really do help with establishing shots and creating distinct atmospheres.

As other types of games come into the mix like the ones you mentioned, it kinda blurs the line. I guess you could just say that these later games are simply modernizing things and trying to recreate the genre as something of their own. And that’s the problem Resident Evil has. They aren’t trying to modernize their own roots anymore, as much as they are just ripping off whatever is popular in hopes of profit.

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