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- animal crossing
- disney (princesses especially)
- alien series (1979 alien, alien isolation too cause good game)
- fashion/esp plus size
- sailor moon
- sapphic/wlw

guide to self-care for people of color

Between a surge of hate crimes across the country, and countless heartbreaking stories of sexual assault, it’s fair to say that we’ve been through a lot these past few months. And while it’s essential to stay informed, your personal health and well-being is important too . We asked the Look Different Good Look Panel to impart a few tips for taking care of yourself when you need it the most.

Studies show that social support is one of the most effective methods to cope with stress. Connect with people who reaffirm and supports your beliefs, to combat feelings of alienation and isolation.

For me personally, one of the best self-care gifts is inviting people of color to create. Be it writing, visual art, dancing or acting. Communities of color are often the first communities to lose access to art education in schools.

We should not sacrifice the little things that make us the most happy or comfortable for the sustenance of white comfort.

In a system that is supposed to control and confine you, your individuality is an everyday act of protest. Wear what you want and laugh as loud as you can. 

Sometimes taking a break from everyone and everything and really focusing on yourself can be so gratifying.

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