Alien Hunter

The year is 2031

Roosterteeth has acquired anything to do with gaming or comedy

Markiplier? Roosterteeth

Pewdiepie? Roosterteeth

Comedy Central? Roosterteeth

BBC? Roosterteeth

They were sued by multiple governments for being a monopoly

They were simply acquired as well

They have 37 thousand employees named Adam

The original founders are revered as gods among humans

Aliens came to earth

They were acquired as well

All is roosterteeth

Roosterteeth is all


Hunter x Blood Type x Adultrio
Based on Blood Type Personality Meme [Original comic.]
Yep, it’s their official blood type and surprisingly accurate enough!
Illumi [A]: Cautious, organized, punctual | Stubborn, overearnest. 
Hisoka [B]: Wild, adventurous, passionate | Selfish, unpredictable.
Chrollo [AB]: Calm, rational, controlled | Two-faced, forgetful.

me: “Stop ruining their fictional life!”.  me: "nuhh.“


Our brand new t-shirt designed by jackteagle is now available to buy over at!

“Terras of the Galactic Human Federation has been charged with endangering the lives of an entire planet through reckless actions on a very dangerous mission.

She has been sentenced to hunt the Xeno-Raiders, the GHF’s biggest threat, and their genetically-engineered new threat to humanity: the Plasmorphs.”

Alien Hunter marks the start of our Hi-Score Club Bootleg Series, where we’re teaming up with our favourite illustrators to produce real merchandise for totally made up games.

Alien Hunter pays tribute to the wave of games developed in the wake of the success of Ridley Scott’s Alien, most notably Metroid.Screen-printed on premium quality 100% ring-spun cotton, the pictures above just don’t do justice to the eye-melting hot pink and turquoise inks we selected with Jack. These are awesome!

To celebrate this release, we’re currently offering the shirts at the special price of £17.99. Grab one here. We ship worldwide!