So today I went to target, and 2 Justice stores and managed to score 6 dolls and 3 outfits for a little over $30. 

what I got/paid at Justice:

-Ari Roma ~ $2.88 

-Mae Tallick (not in pic) ~$2.88

-Una Verse ~$2.88

-Alie Lectric ~$2.88

-3 outfits ~$1.72 each


-Malie Tasker ~$7.48 

-Orbit Beach Mae Tallick ~7.48


My take on Novi Stars characters.

Name: Alie Lectric (Inferna)
: long magenta hair, wears a stylish lab coat with big handy pockets and a hollographic bracelet.
Personality : curious and organized, her desire for perfection makes her indecisive at times. Turns red when angry.
Abilities: Alie excels at math and science, she can operate any electric/electronic technology with her spoon.
Weak point(s) : ghosts stories scare her, she can be shy around people she may not know or understand right away, but this only troubles her because of her blushing.

Hidden side : turns into a hungry monster if she doesn’t eat for too long, good think she is not picky with food
Mission: gathering information on different star systems and their inhabitants for Encyclopædia Galacticaand later for the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. She has over a thousand twin sisters on the same mission all over the galaxies.

Secret garden : Alie writes a secret blog, that she has never shown to anyone.