//Ahhh! I finally got my shelf in my room and thank god it fit all of my Monster Highs and Novi Stars! I hate I lost the stands for a few, but eh it happens. I wish they wouldn’t have discontinued Novi Stars they were beautiful dolls. 

They did release a few more in…Russia (i think), but I can’t find them online and now the prices have went up into the 70-100 anddddd i’m not spending that on a doll. >.> // 

So today I went to target, and 2 Justice stores and managed to score 6 dolls and 3 outfits for a little over $30. 

what I got/paid at Justice:

-Ari Roma ~ $2.88 

-Mae Tallick (not in pic) ~$2.88

-Una Verse ~$2.88

-Alie Lectric ~$2.88

-3 outfits ~$1.72 each


-Malie Tasker ~$7.48 

-Orbit Beach Mae Tallick ~7.48