- “Have we not given them enough, Starswirl? We cleansed the land, gave them Harmony, freed them from that wretched Draconequus! The public are selfish creatures, they need discipline!”

- “Luna, please—”

- “Do not call me by that name! You, old fool… you are the cause of this all!”


Princess Celestial Solstice - Her jewelry was modeled after that of the ancient Egyptian rulers and upper-classmen; golden and dazzling with bright colors and simple patterns. I decided to take this route because the Egyptians most revered god, Ra, was the ruler of the sun, just as she is.

Princess Lunar Lullaby - A bit harder to bring to life, her accessories were thought of when the idea of a dream catcher came to mind. Walking in the dreams of others and finding spirituality in the night reminded me of a lot of Native American culture. So, I used beads and feathers to capture the native idea, and silver to bring out the more cool colors of the moon.


She is back! D: 

Mod: i decided to change the colors of these 2, so ya i did that.

look at the cute little chibi ponies in line to meet the princess!

From front to back!

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Winter is Coming

So, been holding onto this one for over a month, finally finished it tonight. This piece is for the seasonal alicorn, Winter.

Not sure on how much I want to say about her but y’all are free to ask questions about her, either here or on @alltheotherponies.

Who gave Pinkie a horn?! Isn’t she powerful enough without it!? And why ould she need wings? She can fly with her tail! (i.ytimg.com/vi/PTlkxWTF2kk/max…)

I was doing Luna, but the hair became Pinkie’s at some point, so I just did Princess Pinkie, since that’s easier than changing the mane