Alice In Chains Don't Follow
An Awesome Song Off Of Jar Of Flies That Deserves Greater Recognition. They Should Have Done This For Unplugged.

“When Jerry wrote , “Don’t Follow” he was in a depressed state, in Ireland, missing his family and girlfriend. He demo’d it at Chris Cornell’s home studio. Chris played harmonica on it. A lot of lyrics were spur of the moment. We like to let the audience formulate their own answers. I like when people listen to the music and come up with their own ideas. But the central theme is where our heads were at, was being away for so long.”
~ Mike Inez


“I get sick of people saying we are enemies. We don’t hate each other. We are friends and we support each other’s bands. I know I haven’t got much of a voice, but Layne has one hell of a voice.” - Kurt Cobain

“Kurt and I weren’t the closest of friends, but I knew him well enough to be devastated by his death.” - Layne Staley

  • Friend: Hey man, you alright?
  • Me: *thinking about how Layne Staley's first single with Alice in Chains was called 'We Die Young' and he ended up dying at 32 from a drug overdose, and how there is a line where Layne says 'take another hit, and bury your brother' and he had to bury his friend Andrew Wood who also died because of an overdose, and how Wood was also roommates with Chris Cornell, who just committed suicide, just like Kurt Cobain did back in '94, and how the musicians I grew up adoring are no longer with us and how gutted I feel to know that this world lost such talented souls too soon*
  • Me: Yeah, I'm alright.