Throwback Thursday: News of the Doctor Who Series 9 Steelbook Special Blu-ray Edition was released a year ago today (February 2, 2016). I pre-ordered this beautiful set (with artwork by the wonderfully talented Alice X. Zhang) from Amazon UK. I didn’t even hesitate or know the price, I just bought it. Looking at the order page recently, it’s been out of stock, so I’m glad I ordered it when I did. I’m also pleased that I was able to pinpoint the references Alice used for the their poses. They were both from The Zygon Inversion.

• The Doctor: When Bonnie says there was nothing in the Osgood boxes, just buttons, the Doctor nods and softly grins. “Of course.”

• Clara: Later in the TARDIS, Clara tells the Doctor she thinks she may have only been ‘dead’ to him for five minutes, to which he sharply replied, “I’ll be the judge of time.” Her face remains motionless until he moves around her to pull down the lever to take off.