Poor Little Person
  • Poor Little Person
  • Alice Playten & Original Broadway Cast
  • Henry, Sweet Henry: 1967 Original Broadway Cast Recording

Long before Annie (1977) we had Alice Playten and the cast of Henry, Sweet Henry (1967) literally belting (screaming) their heads off. Sadly a flop in the 60′s it has some great songs in it and a great star Alice Playten. Sadly both aren’t very well known. I have such a love and respect for “old school musical theatre” like this. There was no auto-tune or body mics to be used. Just raw voices and talent to be shared. You can hear the pure rawness and emotion being sung. I think it’s beautiful and so refreshing to hear once in awhile. Note: there were no children singing during this recording. All adults. 


Legenda (1985)


(amerikai, angol) fantasy, kaland, romantikus

IMDb: 6,2

Egy igazi, vérbeli fantasy Ridley Scott-tól (Blade Runner, Prometheus, Alien, Hannibál, Gladiátor stb, ha valaki nem tudná :) ) Tom Cruise főszereplésével. Néha már (igazából egyfolytában az) “túl tömény a fantasy” az egészben, viszont a fő-gonosz ábrázolása, kinézete minden eddigi látottat ver, nagyon el lett találva, engem leginkább a Pick of Destiny ördögére emlékeztetett.


Henry, Sweet Henry | Poor Little Person
Alice Playten and company performing on The Ed Sullivan Show

Music & Lyrics: Bob Merrill
Book: Nunnally Johnson

Poor Little Person (“Henry, Sweet Henry”)
  • Poor Little Person (“Henry, Sweet Henry”)
  • Alice Playten
  • Front Row Center: The Broadway Gold Box

I suppose it’s only fair to post my Broadway-star-sings-a-pop-version-of-her-showstopper track, since I mentioned it.

Alice Playten: “Poor Little Person” from Henry, Sweet Henry, via Front Row Center: The Broadway Gold Box.

Here’s what the original, show-version looked and sounded like.


Alice Playten sings “There Won’t Be Trumpets”


Alice Playten- Nobody Steps on Kafritz