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(I had to draw at least (1) thing that wasn’t star wars related, because let’s be real, I’m gonna be drawing Reylo fanart nonstop for the next two years ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ) 

what is ‘The Magicians’ even doing at this point

The Beast, Season 1: Dark and mysterious, excellent nightmare fuel, draws bloody smiley faces on everything, tears out people’s eyes, has a giant c l o u d  o f   m o t h s for a head

The Beast, Season 2: Awkwardly hangs out in Julia’s apartment, watches cartoons, constantly eating junk food, won’t stop fucking singing

reddie as parents pt. 2

you got it dude! for some context, read part one here.

  • so first thing to know is that elliot is mini richie and alice is mini eddie
  • pm alice and elliot would totally be best friends cos i picture a small two year age gap. he probs annoys the shit out of her but that’s her lil brother u kno? he makes her laugh and she loves him
  • the first time alice had her period she asked the dads about it bc she was kinda young so she didn’t get to learn abt in health AND THEY WERE FUCKING CLUELESS
  • “she needs to wear tampons, right?” “i don’t fucking know i thought you had this eds”
  • so they have to go to aunt bev to get the truth about periods and just imagine alice, richie, and eddie sitting there all looking horrified no matter how many times bev tells them it’s natural
  • (but then bev would lowkey talk to alice alone to calm her about periods bc u kno… bev was scared of puberty too)
  • alice is super pretty so when she gets in middle/high school, boyz and girlz start paying attention
  • so ofc dating comes up and eddie’s probs like “when you’re a little older” and richie’s just like “no”
  • alice is stubborn like eddie so im sure she goes back and forth with poppa richie abt it
  • when alice gets in a relationship for the first time it’s a mess
  • she wants to bring him home to meet her dads so both her and eddie are like “don’t embarrass us” to richie
  • eddie would be super nice to the boy when he comes over the first time but lowkey side eyeing him bc OVERPROTECTIVE DADDO BUT TRYING TO BE REASONABLE
  • but then richie comes out with a nerf gun and is pretending to polish this toy gun and is just like “so jeremy… i heard you like my daughter”
  • “richie… give elliot his toy gun back and stop it”
  • meanwhile alice is red and apologizing to her bf and SO ANNOYED BC GDI POPS
  • then elliot peeks out from the top of the stairs with another nerf gun and is just like “i got ur back pops”
  • both eddie and alice don’t speak to richie for a full week (ok like a day for eddie) and richie literally has to beg for forgiveness
  • i bet one time alice brought a girl home and richie actually behaved to their surprise (he was lowkey happy that his daughter was also into the same sex so he tolerated it ONLY A LITTLE (and also didn’t want to be deprived from eddie and alice if he misbehaved again)).
  • still alice loves her dads and asks for their advice on everything bc they probs have a very open relationship
  • like i imagine that every big decision goes on the table for discussion and the teens gets to be apart of decision making BC THEY WANT THE KIDS TO TRUST THEM AND HAVE VOICES UNLIKE THEM AS KIDS
  • now elliot is richie 2.0, mini trashmouth/class clown
  • the kid is super nerdy but also hilarious
  • he’s that kid that a lot of people get annoyed with but love at the same time.
  • he owns the internet tbh and most of his content would be him recording his family for the memes
  • his vids would be him trying to scare eddie half of the time like that one viner guy with his mom
  • “dad, omg we have to go. they’re trying to kill me!”
  • “what?!?! who’s trying to kill you?” while eddie fumbles to get his keys bc he gotta protect elliot meanwhile elliot just starts laughing and is like “im kidding dad”
  • also randomly yelling when it’s silent to make eddie jump n scream bc… he’s richie 2.0
  • it’d eventually get to the point where eddie sees elliot with his camera and is just like “elliot i will ground you” (knowing full well he won’t)
  • richie highkey encourages this jokester behavior and asks elliot to send him the videos so he can make fun of eddie later and send it to the other losers
  • all of alice and elliot’s friends know of the dads and love eddie and richie
  • whenever alice or elliot has sleepovers at the house eddie always makes sure the house is stocked and is nice to the kids
  • richie just tells inappropriate jokes and stories to make the teens laugh until eddie just drags him away
  • i picture elliot gets picked on sometimes bc he’s into super nerdy stuff and literally the whole fam got his back. alice and richie cusses out his bullies (even tho richie wants to kick their asses) and eddie writes strong letters to the school/district to make them do smth abt it (even tho he also wants to cuss out bullies)
  • alice and elliot would feel so loved sksksk bUT that’s bc they are loved. reddie fucking loves their moody ass teenage children.

as always, feel free to add onto this!


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