what is ‘The Magicians’ even doing at this point

The Beast, Season 1: Dark and mysterious, excellent nightmare fuel, draws bloody smiley faces on everything, tears out people’s eyes, has a giant c l o u d  o f   m o t h s for a head

The Beast, Season 2: Awkwardly hangs out in Julia’s apartment, watches cartoons, constantly eating junk food, won’t stop fucking singing

“And that’s why…even if you don’t put it into words…You’re always teaching me just exactly what love is. I’m grateful that I met you. So very, very grateful…”

I got seperate asks for both Yuri and Alice for my character otp drawing challenge so…Yuri/Alice. well, it was really obvious anyway. They were my ultimate OTP before I knew SMT (since then they fall quite a bit in the ranking sob but I still love them so much). I’M SORRY I’M SO RUSTY I HAVEN’T DRAWN IN AGESSS

To the Pandora Hearts Fandom...

Hello, hello… Anybody out there? Cause I don’t hear a sound ♫

Raise your hand if you’re still alive and if you remember/love this serie/manga.

Will you participate in a online-event dedicated to PH? Please, answerrrr