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This past Sunday, the Wonderland tattooers got together for an event we’ve been planning for awhile as an exercise in showcasing our individual styles. We thought it would be fun to show you how differently four artists would render the same image, and in that spirit, we chose one image of a rose to interpret as each of us saw fit. The recipients agreed to give us complete creative control over the tattoos to best showcase our design choices, and we’re excited to share them with you!

We hope this is a fun way for you all to experience the differences in our styles! We certainly enjoyed it as an artistic exercise and we hope you enjoy seeing the results.

In order from first to last: Alice Kendall (blue rose), Sean Wright (black and grey rose), Alice Carrier (purple rose), and Kirsten Holliday (red rose). 


HAPPY HARRY POTTER DAY!   Yesterday we raised over two thousand dollars for SMART: Start Making A Reader Today, a program that helps children with 1-on-1 support in public schools.   We got to do so many tattoos that I have to break it up into 3 posts!  

Above, by Alice Carrier: 

phoenix feather, polyjuice illustration, owl feather quill, amortentia love potion, and durmstrang eagle. 


Here are some (but not even all!) of the tattoos we got to do yesterday to raise money for p:ear!  Please take a moment to visit and find out more about what this organization does!  And even though the fundraiser is over for today, we will always accept donations of art supplies and warm clothes to pass along to p:ear!  

pictured above, from top left:

bananther by guest artist and friend Sean Lanusse!  Follow him on tumblr!  

field mouse and blueberry design drawn by Alice Kendall, tattooed by Sean Wright!  Follow HIM on tumblr, too

Apple by Alice Carrier

B&G Pomegranate by Sean Lanusse

Pear and flower design by Sean Wright

Field mouse and blueberries by Alice Kendall

Apple and moth by Alice Kendall

Thanks again, everyone!  We can’t wait to have another walk-in day! 

And hey, if you weren’t able to make it in but you still want to support p:ear, they are featured in the Willamette Week Give!Guide this year!