Alice in Wonderland (2010)


Helena Bonham Carter-Tim Burton Edition

2001- Ari

2003- Jenny/The Witch

2005- Mrs. Bucket

2005- Emily/The Corpse Bride

2007- Mrs. Lovett

2010- Iracebeth of Crims/The Red Queen

2012- Dr. Julia Hoffman

According to fan/canon, Eckert and Reginald have a mutual dislike of the Mad T-Party’s Hatter. I can only imagine (through amusing sketches) what would happen if Tarrant opened with a line like this.

(My current dream in life is for Briannacherrygarcia to see this, say ‘that is a hilarious joke but the art sucks,’ and redraw it in her own fabulous style. As it is, I referenced her art of Eckert and Reginald when I did their faces. I had no reference for Tarrant.)

Adding headcanon to the gathered fan-canon about Eckert and Reg: Reginald often forgets what Eckert’s name is.