Alice Rackham

It’s National Best Friend Day, so I had to make a collage of some of my favorite friendships from web series. Because obviously.  


Love is when you look into someone’s eyes, then knowing that you’re home. Because you see everything you want, you need, and you miss there.” – Anonymous


Classic Alice AU

December, 2015.

Among the Christmas trees and craze of holiday shoppers, one man sits and plots his ascent to the political throne. Believing himself to be destined for power, and known to his small band of  internet followers only by his screen name ‘Macbeth’, he starts a one man killing spree that escalates rapidly with the death of Senator McDonald’s wife and children.

With time running out, Detectives Prichard and Graves call on an old friend - Agent Alice Rackham - an FBI profiler who specializes in crimes of a literary nature. Armed with a battered copy of Shakespeare that she carries at all times for luck, Alice arrives in LA and is immediately thrown into a world of secrets and lies. Politics and murder are messy at the best of times, and then there’s the matter of her turbulent past relationship with Detective Prichard. 

With a mad man on the loose intent on destroying them all, tensions are running high. The public want answers, the police want answers, and Alice, Andrew, and Cara find themselves in the middle of a desperate battle to outsmart their most dangerous opponent yet.

How do you defeat a man who believes in his divine right to be king?

Answer: You have him destroy his kingdom.


Classic Alice AU

“It was cold, and slippery, apparently they hit a curve when Alice was trying to drive Reagan back and then the next moment - well, they said it was quick. I keep waking up and thinking it was all a dream and then it hits me. She’s not coming home.”

In which Alice doesn’t make it home the night of Fakesgiving and Andrew and Cara have to learn to live without their best friend.

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“I want you to know I feel completely at ease
                          Read me like a book
                                                      It’s only natural
                                              That I should want to be there with you”