Alice Bailey

“Much has been said of the loneliness of wisdom, and how much the Truth seeker becomes a pilgrim wandering from star to star. To the ignorant, the wise man is lonely because he abides in distant heights of the mind. But the wise man himself does not feel lonely. Wisdom brings him nearer to life; closer to the heart of the world than the foolish man can ever be. Bookishness may lead to loneliness, and scholarship may end in a battle of beliefs, but the wise man gazing off into space sees not an emptiness, but a space full of life, truth, and law.”

— Manly P. Hall: Sacred Magic of the Qabbalah

–from the work of Djwhal Khul and Alice Bailey–

This is a great mantra for light workers. Absorbing its energy through repetition will deepen your love for all and self. It will also improve your ability to guide and heal others in need.

“Freemasonry is the continuation of very ancient secret societies and brotherhoods. 

The Masonic square was found in many temples, and also appears in the great pyramid. 

It is said that it was used symbolical­ly for squaring conduct, perfecting of the personality. To build on the square was to build for ever, according to the teachings of ancient Egypt; and in the Egyptian Hall of Judge­ment Osiris is seen seated on the square while judging the dead.

Thus in the macrocosm, the square came to symbolize the foundation of eternal law, that reflected in the four bodies of man; and the columns - were the symbols of the aspects of the law: Osiris, Father ; Isis - feminine aspect; and Horus - the as a star of Monad - at the culmination of the ladder.

The two pillars at initiation, there supposed to stand at the entrance to the other world, and the various experiences through which the candidate passed were intended to symbolize those which would come to him when he passed out of this physical world into the next stage. 

In the Lodge room is symbolized a temple of humanity, and as such it may be taken to symbolize a man lying upon his back.

In this position the three great supports correspond to important centers in the human body. : 1.head, two part of the brain; the sun and the moon are the symbols of divine, of origin - East.

All the western nations look to the east as the source of their wisdom. 

3 corresponds to the heart, anciently regarded as the seat of the affections.

Middle column 2 correspond to to the generative organs, symbols of strength and virility, the solar plexus.; reflection of deity in matter.

The three powers of consciousness appearing in man as the spiritual will, the intuitional love and the higher intelligence, which are the root of all human will, love and thought.

The three columns, as a divine aspects, representing wisdom, strength and beauty, were stated to stand round God’s throne, which was the altar itself, which signify love.

Divine Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost, or Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma are one Universal God in whom everything exists, whether it be animate or inanimate, for there is nothing but That.

But in Their separate appearances, the Holy Ghost is the maker or builder of the outer world, - objectivity; and the Son is the life in all beings, the “light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world”- subjectivity.

The pillars also represent once more the two great laws of progress, karma and dharma, the former providing the environment or material world, and the latter the direction of the self within - ” the ladder"; by the union or harmonious working of these two laws a man may attain the stability and strength required for the occult path to become a blazing Star.“

- C. Leadbeater - The Hidden Life In Freemasonry

I pledge myself to the Path of Love. I demand of my soul that I, the Spirit in form, shall act as a channel for compassion and an instrument for love until I know myself to be Love itself. I am that Love. With pure intent I serve. This love and zeal in me must feed the aspiration of my fellowmen. To this—in knowledge full—I pledge myself.
—  Discipleship in the New Age - Alice Bailey

“The bee is a symbol of wisdom, for as this tiny insect collects pollen from the flowers, so men may extract wisdom from the experiences of daily life. The bee is sacred to the goddess Venus and, according to mystics, it is one of several forms of life which came to the earth from the planet Venus millions of years ago.”

- Manly P. Hall: The Secret Teachings of All Ages 

Leo - Demon Darling 

Leo is a fire sign, and the heart is an organ of fire. The beat of the heart energises Leo physically and spiritually, it symbolises a spiritual centre. The aura of Leo is a temple of worship, this is where the Goddesses gather to imbibe glory, courage, and honour. The emotional force of Leo represents the radiance of the sun, and it nourishes in a similar way. Leo intelligence is the heart of the mind, they dance as one, there is no separating love and Leo. This is why the Leo is capable of tremendous bliss and ascension, they can focus solely on the echo of a heartbeat, the music of their pulse, so everything disappears but the cosmic heart, and this is the ultimate rapture of Leo. The heart is not just a mechanical organ. We know this by the way it flutters when we are moved and aches when we are broken. Leos mobilise off pure instinct, the lion roaring in the ego’s cage. The Mother Goddess is facilitates the divine expression of Leo, it is She who holds the lion’s mouth in her hands, it is She who can tame its godly exuberance. In its highest form, the Leo’s pride, arrogance, and vanity is transmuted to the inner Mother and released to the demons in return for the heart’s wisdom, purification, and awakenings. Alice Bailey says that the first great battle is undertaken in Leo, the second being in Scorpio. The demons of the ego, the mind without the heart are slain here. Cats (Leo) are sacred to Kali, she domesticates it, she summons fury against those who harm female cats,  she rides a lion into battle, and slices its ego’s desires. The Divine Mother expresses through the heart of Leo, and its this inner goddess whom can guide them to dispel the pain and complexes generated by the demons of the mind. It is Leo’s tremendous cosmic contract to burn these demons in the fire of their heart.


(art: kurtis rykovich)

“The occultists of the ancient world had a most remarkable understanding of the principle of evolution. They recognized all life as being in various stages of becoming.”

— Manly P. Hall: The Secret Teachings of All Ages 

Gemini - Twins and Trickery 

All ancient teachings remark on the sign of Gemini and its functions of duality. In physical form, she is of course split, for you must experience many realities to perceive the vast oppositions. In spiritual form, she is astral body, floating through bodies and experimenting with personalities. Gemini is double, and the multiplications of double. It is through the gates of Gemini displayed by the two stand symbol that the body loses physical form, floating between a unified state of existence. Alice Bailey describes Gemini as the “etheric energy that lies behind every sign”, and the brothers who died in sacrifice out of love represent the relationships that Gemini finds with everything, she can associate and relate in ways that other people can’t, everything has a sister. And the Gemini cannot abandon her own sister, they must come together as one and resolve the inherent dualities, they must evoke love through oneness. Castor and Pollux symbolise the alchemy of spirit into matter. Remember that in the zodiac, Gemini is the first of humans to enter, signifying cultivated self awareness, but an intellectual adult does not enter, oh no, it’s two giggling twins. What does that say about human nature? Trickery is the inherent nature of all things. And as Gemini crosses the line of reality and unreality, truth and lie become clear and blurred. Just has Hermes transported souls to the underworld guarding life and death with Hades and flew by the mountain top with the higher mind wings of Zeus, Gemini can transform seamlessly into any energy. This is why many Geminis are probably so light and nimble - it’s like they don’t really use their bodies anyway. The Gemini mind represents the synthesis of masculine and feminine or left and right brain qualities. Traditional astrology has often illustrated the Gemini pair as male and female, and Gemini as being androgynous or genderless. Esoteric writing revered this synthesis as divine, so intersex people were often worshiped. While the mischievous Gemini children have no specific duty on earth but to learn, this intrinsic mischief reveals a deeper, more spiritual responsibility bestowed on this sign. The Gemini gates are rigid, but the Pisces gates are soft. Pisces conceive oneness, while Gemini observes a puzzling pattern of loosely associating volumes of information and energies. Behind the trickery is a cloak of sacred mystery, the light of consciousness opens in Gemini and reveals the darkness, it is the Gemini’s noble labour to make these one, or appear like its so. 


(art: Kurtis Rykovich)

Do we as humans want to allow other entities more dominance in our realm? Is that the agenda? Is it possible that our limitations as humans are often a blessing? …a boundary from these other-worldly beings who seem to envy our “physical” reality.

Humans have an imperfect, but often beautiful gift of life. Its so beautiful, that these other creatures want to be a part of it. I don’t want to fail to question their motives and to consider the countless lies that have been “prophesied” through channelers and mediums of the past.

Spirits lie and manipulate from the most famous magicians (i.e. John Dee & Edward Kelley ) to the amateur spiritualist. Those who open themselves to these realms are gambling their minds to potentially malicious, powerful forces. Question everything… and count your blessings.

An admission from Manly P. Hall that subjection to the secret teachings don’t always reveal illumination, but can unleash haunting forces :