Forgive me if this turns out to be something you didn’t want to know about the Muslims, and how we have reacted to the tragedy that has been happening both with our brothers and sisters in Syria and the accident in Makkah,  but by Allah, I just want to cherish this moment that is happening through out the entire world right now.

I have never seen such beautiful news on my feed since I have been on social networking sites until now, indeed, this tragedy that happened in Makkah is but a great reminder to all of us that death can overcome us anytime, in whatever situation we may be.

But also it shows how powerful and beautiful our Ummah is.

Wallah, I have never seen so many Muslims posting and making du'a for their fellow Muslims, the love is just overflowing the “cyberworld” right now and I thought maybe it was just here, but then news after news I have been informed of how the people of Makkah have cluttered in hospitals to donate blood to the pilgrims who got injured. Allahu'akbar. (this reminds us of how the Ansars helped the Muhajiruns)

Look at our Ummah, in times of tragedy we all still clutter together and stand together, we still stand beside our own, how beautiful is this. Indeed, this tragedy might have been a way for Allah Azza Wa Jall to remind us and show us how blessed we are as Muslims.

Do not despair for those who died in this tragedy because you know that Allah Azza Wa Jall has honored them with such an honorable death, they are in Makkah, it was a Friday (chief of all the days), they were in Ihram, they were (about to)performing Hajj, they were worshipping Allah and their mouths were moistened with the remembrance of Allah!… Indeed they are Martyrs, honored Muslims.
And to those who mock around and spread around news about the Saudi where the two holiest places for Muslims stand did and are not doing anything for our Syrian brothers and sisters, check your facts again, and to all of those who are mocking the Muslims because this tragedy happened at same day with the 9/11 attack, I pray Allah never puts you in a situation where your family had to pay for something they never committed. I pray Allah enlightens your heart and make you more of a people person and be thankful that you have been blessed to have a phone where you can write and talk so bad about people you never even met and have had a single conversation with yet you judge and want to kill them. May Allah forgive you. 

And to all the Muslims who have suffered from such situation, and people, know that Allah never sleeps and is aware of all of these, so stay patient for indeed the reward that lies after the struggle in this dunya is worth everything!


Please let us offer a tahajjud or a prayer for our departed fellow Muslims who died in this tragedy, let us continue spreading the love for this beautiful Ummah.

I never lost hope in this Ummah, just as how Allah does not lose hope in us. Alhamdulillah.

Indeed, in His name, we live and die.

May Allah Azza Wa Jall forgive their souls, accept their hajj and elevate their ranks in the companionship of the shuhada. Amin.


Do Muslimas ever think about it?

Its really nice how Allah gives women a break from religious practices during their menstruation periods. it’s like here, you’re having a hard time being hormonal and trying to tolerate the simplest annoying things, Allah understands what you’re going through so have a break.

Alhamdulilah, little things we should appreciate.