Alhamdulilah for everything

Attach yourself to the Book of Allah, you will find every answer to your question, every solution to your problems. Your heart will find rest, you will suddenly feel comfort only in His words. The sabr you’d been wanting to let go off, you’d find it more in your heart. The very same sabr will become your strength, it will become sweet.

Every struggle will become easy to deal with. Every pain will vanish & you will His love in everything. His love will remove the deepest, the sharpest pain in your chest and it will comfort your heart. Every sin that leads you to Him is a blessing, do not beat yourself over your sins. After you sin, repent to Him each and every moment and do good to wipe those bad deeds.

Whatever you do, do not give up believing in Allah. Do not give up on reading and reflecting His speech. Do not despair in the mercy of Allah for none can remove your hardships, sadness and pain except Allah. To Him we belong and to Him we shall return, everything happening in your life is only to bring you back to Him.

But when you do come back to Him and you still feel this emptiness inside you, know that your focus is somewhere else. Your heart is yet to submit to Him, know that you have attachments to everything other than Allah.

The day you return and submit to Allah wholeheartedly, you will experience true contentment, true happiness, true success. If you don’t know His love for you, everything else that you have means nothing. It is all dust.

Allah is the Most Kind of those who show kindness, the Most Generous of those who give. When you lift your hands up to the sky to beg Him, know that He will answer for He is too shy to let His servant go empty handed.

O Allah, we seek refuge in You for the sins we commit, Your blessings cannot be counted, Your favours we all admit. We confess our sins to You for none forgive sins except for You. O Allah, You are the Most Forgiving, You love to forgive so forgive us. Ameen.

Gonna start my own graphic design freelancer business thing. Kinda excited. My first official customer happened to be my mum but she has her own business stuff so it was all professional. The first customer was meant to be a company but they flaked out on me right after asking me for details to pay me. Pretty unprofessional. So yeah here I am earning and working for some coin. Feels so good to work for something. I hate being so dependant on everyone around me right now.