part ii - the chemical, physical, kryptonite

“You have a rabbit?” Harry untangled himself from Ramona entirely, which she wasn’t too pleased about, and dropped into a crouch before Algernon. He regarded the bunny with far too serious an expression, and Algernon regarded him right back with a twitchy nose and eyes that Ramona was sure were narrowed suspiciously. “Hello there,” Harry said, like he was talking to a person and not a rabbit. “Are you well? I’m Harry.”

Algernon twitched his nose.

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Yo so I think I’m gonna be doing an internship with Joe from Algernon/Hop Along at his studio in Philly this summer and I’m tryna figure out plans/where I’m living. Got some leads but nothing solid yet so HMU if you wanna help/hang this summer!

Breath Wish
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Algernon Cadwallader - Breath wish

There go my shoes again, I hope you enjoy your walk in them. Some people try and kill themselves for attention but I don’t think she knows why she wants to die. Open your eyes. If you don’t know why we’re crazy and if you think you’re alright, well that’s a fucking lie. I try and I try but what good use am I when I say I knew I was right