So this demon guy here is a firefighter and the girl sitting on his shoulder is the only survivor of a unexplained building explosion. He is the one who saved her and when he learned that her whole family have deceased, he decided after a certain time to adopt her. 

Their names are Algernon and Araminta

Breath Wish
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Algernon Cadwallader - Breath wish

There go my shoes again, I hope you enjoy your walk in them. Some people try and kill themselves for attention but I don’t think she knows why she wants to die. Open your eyes. If you don’t know why we’re crazy and if you think you’re alright, well that’s a fucking lie. I try and I try but what good use am I when I say I knew I was right


So I went back to watch Little Gift Shop of Horrors (s02e06) again, and that story Grunkle Stan made up about Waddles reminds me of another genius in his life.

Of course the story itself is likely to be a nod to Flowers for Algernon (which is one of my fav Sci-Fi stories), but I doubt Stan ever read that. Besides, he did say something about wanting to make Ford dumber in Dungeons,Dugeons,& More Dugeons, right?