An influence map of things that started inspiring me long ago, inspire me now, OR have just been constantly inspiring me up until today!! I posted this here because I think it’s interesting and it’ll help me grow as an artist

I feel like I could’ve made better choices, but early fandoms kept me going strong with art and made me want to keep exploring (Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Animes etc)

With video games it’s either been the music, environment, feel OR all of these that really inspire me

Art wise is a grab-bag. a lot of the fine painters were recommended by my painting teachers last year that i ended up enjoying a lot.

failed experiment. figured i’d post these anyways because i do a lot of stuff trying things i haven’t before and most of it turns out crap but that’s part of exploring and learning. just posting when things go well creates a facade.

like your facebook timeline.

practicing some values! 

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quick doodle from imagination. pls ignore everything that’s wrong with this

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