Imagine: The Shelby brothers sending you for the meeting with Alfie

“I’m just going to cut to the chase here” you say as you walk into Alfie Solomon’s office. He looks up at you, clasps his strong hands together and leans forward on his desk, intrigued by you. “Sabini” you begin holding onto the back of the chair that faces Alfie from the other side of his desk. “I’m sure you are acquainted” Still leaning forward, he nods at you, hanging on to your every word. Listening intently.  “I hear that your bookies are being run off their courses, by none other than Sabini himself”
“Oh really?” Alfie asks, never breaking eye contact “well what do you want from me then?” He asks with a smirk forming on his lips. You raised an eyebrow at him and took a seat opposite him.
“We, at Shelby Company Limited, would like to make a proposal” you mimicked his body language and sat exactly as he did, leaning forward so the two of you were almost touching noses.

After feeding him your proposal you sat back with your hands still clasped together on the desk. Alfie simply smiling, eyes still transfixed on yours. “I think we have a deal” he placed one of his hands on yours “as long as it’s you that will be attending our meetings.”


Tommy confronts Alfie about you….

“Tommy!” Alfie says, watching Tommy storm into his office.

“I know Y/N is with you.” Tommy says to Alfie.

Alfie took his glasses off and set them on his desk. “That was the first time you went straight to the point.”Alfie says calmly. Tommy just looks towards Alfie not saying just looking angry at him.

“Sit down.” Alfie says to him.   

“Where is she?” Tommy says to him.

“She safe. Nobody can hurt here.” Alfie says. He looks at Tommy and continues. “Not even you.”

“I would never hurt her.” Tommy responds quickly.

“Come on Tommy think.” Alfie says. “I’m not giving you any advise your a big boy.”

Tommy knew he was talking about all the women around Tommy. He hurt her because he knew she loved him. Like he loved her but after the war he just stopped showing his emotion towards her and started going around women. Tommy turns his back towards Alfie and started walking out of the bakery.

“Fuck me.”Alfie says to himself watching Tommy leave.

As an mlm neurodivergent survivor of stalking, physical and emotional abuse by a romantic partner, homophobia, fetishization, and rape (also by a ‘romantic partner’) , Killing Stalking makes me personally uncomfortable, and honestly if you’re a fan, don’t even come near me. I don’t care if it’s fiction. Don’t fetishize mlm, especially if it’s abusive. It’s as simple as that.