Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.158:

“The image is an illustration for volume 15. 

 In this week’s Magi is the second half of the Magnostadt flashback. Regarding the headmaster, Mogamett, at first, I wasn’t planning to delve into the past to the extent of drawing it. I was in trouble when the need arose for a character design for a twenty-something Mogamett for last week’s issue. The ikemens-whose-faces-you-can-tell-apart reserve inside me has already been depleted. His face turned into something similar to what you’d get after slapping Alibaba and Sinbad’s together. Please, forgive me.”

Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.159:

“The image shows the process of using the pens while working on the manuscript. They can be divided into four steps.

I drew the cover of this week’s issue of Sunday. I’ve been thinking whether I should’ve gone with something more cheerful. Though, if you happen to spot this cover that looks as though black rukhs are fluttering around it, then, by all means.

As for the main storyline, the class is about to end. Around this time, volume 17 is being registered, and by the end of the year, there will be enough chapters to fit into volume 16 and 17. During the holiday, I'l continue working on the volume materials, and I’ll do my best to deliver them at the start of the new year!! This year as well, I’ll be going by myself on my customary trip to the hotsprings.”