Top Figure Skating Routines of All Time

there are so many incredible routines, routines that make me laugh, ones that make me cry, smile, fall in love but there are some routines that transcend and have become truly something special, in their own class. 

I’m going to go with top 3 all time then top 3 all time for each division, I’m going with top 3 to limit myself because otherwise it’d get wayyyyy too long.

Top 3 figure skating routines of all time

1: “Winter” Alexei Yagudin

This routine man I just don’t know how to explain but the reason it’s in my top 3 is because it is everything a figure skating routine should be, it is engaging and creative, there is a clear character and concept and Yagudin pulls it off so beautifully. My coach calls this the greatest of all time and I would have to say I definitely don’t disagree.

2: “Poeta” Stephane Lambiel

I used this version because he really settled into the routine the longer he did it and here is a beautiful performance regardless of the jumps. This program. It has a story, a clear defined story that Stephane portrays so wonderfully it’s just mesmerising. It has character, it has creativity and it is hypnotizing (the eyeBROW THE E Y E B R O W)

I have to add this in but he performed it 10 years later and it’s just as amazing as it was back then 

3: “Bolero” Torvill and Dean

Truly GOAT, Torvil and Dean’s Bolero will go down in history as one of the most memorable and famous programs ever. It has such a strong and beautiful character, they use the building repetition of the music so well and their skating builds and moves to match it. Everything about this program is phenomenal and It truly deserves the GOAT title.

Honourable mentions include: Yuna Kim’s Les Mis, Gershwin and Send in the Clowns, Plushenko’s Nijnsky, Davis and White’s Notre Dames, Yuzuru Hanyu’s SEIMEI and Shoma Uno’s Loco

Top 3 Men’s routines of all time 

1: “Winter” Alexei Yagudin

see above

2: “Poeta” Stephane Lambiel

see above

3: “SEIMEI” Yuzuru Hanyu

This program, heart on his sleeve and a love letter to his country and culture, it has such a compelling character to it. The small details of the choreography, the movements of his hands in the spins and the glorious step sequence on the final climax of the music!! Everything is just so hypnotising.

Honourable Mentions: Stephane Lambiel’s William Tell and Four seasons (everything except the costume), Plushenko’s Bolero and Njinsky

Ladies, Ice Dance and Pairs coming next

concept: jack and bitty get engaged, and shitty and tater fight for the privilege to be jack’s best man the way phoebe and rachel battled it out over who would be monica’s maid of honor

NHL!Bitty Pt. I - Hug Check

Bitty signs with another team and no one on the Falconers wants to be the guy to check Zimms’ boyfriend; the problem is Bitty’s a quick little fucker and if you don’t stop him somehow he has a tendency to score. They’ve already lost one game because Guy hesitated a half-second too long and god-forbid they end up in a cup series with him.

Solution? Falconers bring back the patented Horton ‘bear-hug check’; initially just for Bittle, but it spreads league-wide because straight up lifting guys off the ice for a few seconds is hella effective and the linemen haven’t seen it much so they don’t really know how to call it.

There are three minutes left in the second period and the Schooners are up by one; Bitty spins to avoid Thirdy, shoots a look to Avery, ready to pass and –

“Miss you, Itty Bitty!” Mashkov crows over the roar of the crowd, his massive chest stopping Eric’s momentum full force. Bitty knows what’s coming next, wrapped up in Mashkov’s arms, squished by pads and misplaced affection, he watches helplessly as the puck slides away, immediately picked off by Thirdy. “Miss your pie!”

“Let me go –” Bitty growls, struggling against the hold even as a linesman skates by to examine if what they’re doing constitutes a fight. 

It doesn’t.

“Aww, Bitty not enjoying my hugs,” Mashkov tells the linesman, squeezing tighter, bumping his helmet against Eric’s, “rather I knock out pretty teeth instead.”

“Fuck you, Tater!”

“No, no, you fuck Zimmboni. You make me pie.”

How Tater Speaks in English: I’m love you.

How Tater Speaks on Russian: The sun cannot compare to your beauty, the words I speak cannot describe the burning flame inside me. You make me twist with just one word fallen from your lips. I love you. 

How Jack Speaks in English: uh, love you.

How Jack Speaks in French: Euh, love you. 

(Zimbits, AU, 3.7K, click “read more” for the whole fic.)

Thanks. You can put it on the counter in the kitchen.”

That had been Jack’s first mistake.

It wasn’t so much the words he said, but rather the fact that he’d said them in French.

However, to Jack’s credit, he had been in the middle of revising a chapter when he’d heard the knock on his door, and the fact that he hadn’t had any caffeine yet due to the broken coffee maker had thrown off his entire morning.

He had been expecting Georgia, the lady he rented the cabin from, to be standing on his door step. However, instead of the landlord, he got a blond guy with wide, brown eyes staring back at him.

There was a sort of gurgle of surprise and a nervous giggle from the other guy for a moment before he blurted, “Hi, I’m your new housekeeper!”

Jack raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say anything in his confusion. Francine, Georgia’s wife, usually stopped by once every couple of days to tidy up the place, but neither of the two ladies had mentioned anything about a new hire.

Jack must have been lost in thought for a moment too long because the other guy took this as a sign that Jack didn’t speak English. “Uh, you know, cleaning?” He mimed a sweeping action and then pointed at Jack. “Ummm, je… travaille pour Georgia?” he said in a truly horrendous accent.

Jack gave an impatient nod of his head.

Je m’appelle Eric or you can call me Bitty. Actually, je m’appelle Bitty,” he said proudly with his hand out.

There was something about the other guy’s candidness that made Jack pause, or maybe he had been trapped in a cabin for too long, but he reached out and took the handshake.

It’s nice to meet you,” Jack replied in French.

And that had been his second mistake.

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