It's been a minute...

It’s been a minute since I have posted anything on tumblr. I go back and forth with whether I should use blogspot, tumblr, or wordpress. I have all three. I actually have like 4 blogspot blogs! All of this social media and internet stuff is a bit overwhelming. I have my days when I love it then I have my days when I am overwhelmed by it. I have decided to step out and go for my dream which is to be a writer and own my own business. I now own my own business and well the second novel is coming at some point in life. Writing a novel is hard. Not because the writing itself is challenging just remaining dedicated is challenging. But I have to get it done. I am sure that it is what I am supposed to be doing with my life and it that is the case I cannot keep procrastinating.

Tumblr is a lot easier to use than blogspot or wordpress so I think I will use it more, however, social media allows you to move with the wind so who knows. At the moment I am just rambling because I feel like I just need to let some random thoughts go. I have always been one to have lots of ideas, lots of slick ways to get things done, I guess that’s why I became a Computer Scientist. I have always felt different, well even a little weird for thinking so much more different then my peers. Different doesn’t mean better or worse it just means different. Embracing your differences is realizing that you are you unique. It’s actually more ok to be unique than not, well as an adult anyway. As a kid it was not always ok to be unique.

Children tread a thin line of “OK” and “NOT OK” all the time. Everything is so black and white from birth until about 10. At 10 your eyes start to pop out of socket. Your hormones start doing weird things and from then on out you may as well be in reverse evolution. Getting more hair, men getting a deeper voice, as you become a senior citizen you shrink, what the heck was God thinking about when he came up with this idea. This notion that placing humans on a monopoly game board including money, property, and jail would ever amount to anything but a cycle of the same. Ah ha! Maybe God knew just that! Maybe life is just a game. Maybe it’s not even called life, it’s called monopoly.

Long day. 3 mile run in the morning for @eugenemarathon and #BlueRidgeMarathon #marathontraining. Then went to class. Then walked Teddy to the dog park to play with his friends (1 mile). Then a great #flowyoga class at @mindthemat. Then ran over 2 miles of hills with the people I coach at @runpacers!!
Got this pic at the top of the hill. Well worth the climb.
I am beat!!
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