And let’s not forget the Aphrodite episodes in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys!

S2 E17 ‘The Apple’
S3 E3 'Love Takes a Holiday’
S3 E7 'The Green-Eyed Monster’
S3 E18 'Reign of Terror’
S4 E5 'Stranger in a Strange World’ (Xena special!)
S4 E16 'Porkules’
S4 E 17 'One Fowl Day’
S5 E 18 'Love on the Rocks’
S5 E 21 'My Best Girl’s Wedding’
S6 E2 'Love, Amazon Style’


Xena: Warrior Princess -

Claire Stansfield (Alti) and Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite) kissing at a convention during the hilarious Triple XXX Review in which they both read Xena/Gabrielle fanfiction aloud to the audience. The last line of the last fic called for a kiss, so they stood up, leaned towards each other, and then blocked their faces with their hats. For about a minute. Then when they pulled the hats away… They were really kissing! Which continued full-on, make-out session for about a minute. I love these two so much!

‘Due to Godly difficulties (more like a difficult God) Valentine’s Day has been hijacked by one highly miffed Aphrodite, who has decided the day belongs to her, to say otherwise may result in a person suffering from the following symptom’s: nausea, heartache, weepiness, dejection, stomach-ache, excessive perspiration and an overwhelming obsession over that which one can never have’


How I wish, I want to see that Gabrielle is OBSESSED with Xena. ♥