Today, I was lucky to go to my first fashion show ever, and it’s not just any show, I went to the Alexander Wang Fall 2012 fashion show. My sister’s boyfriend’s company was hired to stream live the show, and he was able to get us passes. Thank you again, Paul.

It was like Disneyland, I was blinded by all the glitter of the show’s preparation with make up session, models, Alexander Wang walking around, the set and its mirrors, the celebrities… When I got out of there, I felt like I got out of a dream. It was a great experience to be able to witness the behind the scenes. I was amazed at how much manpower a show of 20 minutes needed. Everyone was 200%. Alexander Wang didn’t seem too stressful, maybe he’s used to all this?

It was at Pier 94 on the West Side Highway in a huge warehouse. The set (sorry if I am not well versed in the fashion jargon) was composed of a group of black and gold mirrored columns arranged in the middle of a semi-dark, rectangular space. By listening to the music during rehearsal, I was so looking forward to seeing the show.

I was there at 3, the show started a bit after 5:30 I think. I saw the team testing the cameras and the sound. I saw the models rehearsing and getting their make-up, that’s when people can interview them. I helped myself with some snacks as the models were getting ready. As we approached the beginning of the show, more and more celebrities showed up and I got crazy, I told myself I got to take a picture of her! Of him! Oh wait, that’s X! That’s Z! Show starts, show ends 20 minutes later, some celebrity friends including Zoe Kravitz and Carine Roitfeld go and congratulate Alexander Wang for his work, then pfffff, everybody takes off and the huge warehouse empties itself little by little. By 6:30, almost everyone was gone, to the party I guess, which I didn’t get to go unfortunately.

What a great moment… Here are some photos I took. For more, go here, and enjoy.