Top 5 best Blacklisters (spoilers for season 4)

Another one of my favorites’ list with the appropriately and befiitting subject of Blacklisters. After having made my Final Fantasy top, why not this one.

I’m actually basing this on the people I think are the deadliest and more dangerous to Reddington. There were interesting Blacklisters and concepts for their characters, but their roles just weren’t meant to be more than tools, whereas these guys, well they leave a mark.
I haven’t finished season 4 yet, but well, I’m at that point where things have more than got suicy.

Honorable mention:

Luther Braxton (Nº21)

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I know realistically, The Director and the Decembrist inflicted much more damage to Red on the long and short term, yet Luther was a character whose episodes were striking. He does inflict Red some considerable damage with Liz’s abduction, and they have the past incident too with the necktie, but his actions were the ones that providing us with so much needed information about everything of the past - even if it only brought more questions attached.


5th place - Constantin Rostov / Alexander Kirk (Nº 14)

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For his past with Reddington, for his devotion/obssession with his daughter and family, and for every exchange moment between him and Red, down to that final one, I could never leave this guy unmentioned. He is definately one of Red’s biggest threats with the amount of mutual past and secrets they share and kept from each other. But despite this I can’t rate Alexander over the next people.

Besides, it’s Banshee’s Kai Proctor on Blacklist. How awesome is that.

4th place - Milos Kirchoff / Berlin (Nº8)

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The initial ‘true villain’ the deadliest of Red’s enemies - well at that point at least, and arguably he is the deadliest. He was quite brutal to say the least, and he had a huge masterplan to get to him. Kudos to that. His presence and level of danger exceeded people like the Decembrist or Luther Braxton or The Director for me. And exceeded Alexander’s too.

3rd place - Anslo Garrick (Nº16)

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My first impact with this series as whole happened on episode 1.10 and Anslo was a striking antagonist. And the first one to actually and truly get to Red, emotionally and physically. Not many others have, let alone that early in the series. He started it and showed Red’s human side, aka the suffering over others’ pain and his own pain, even though that last one, well, Red blew him a kiss while under torture. Says a bit.

So I have to score him high.

- 2nd place - Matias Solomon (Nº32)

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Matias is downright amazing, ruthless, cruel and absolutely horrible and I could not wait to see him on every episode. He’s such a horrible human being and yet he’s so sassy and terribly intelligent. A joy to see this perfomance. He really did know exactly where to aim to hurt Red (maaaan I’ll never forgive him for Dembe) and he did seriously push some buttons. I love his character and hope to see Blacklist Redemption solely because he’s in it.

1st place

Seriously, Red. You should have learned from Anslo that shooting your associates in the face brings you more harm than any good.

You should have learned.

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Kathryn Nemec / Mr Kaplan (Nº4)

You do not fuck with this woman. Do not.

Mr Kaplan was awesome from the start, and as I’m writing this I haven’t seen the end of season 4 yet, but damn.
She is brilliant.
She is ruthless.
She knows everything about everything, Red’s organization and Red’s, Katarina’s and Elizabeth’s pasts, and Red’s expression when hearing that long abandoned name out of Aram’s mouth, that shock was beautiful to see because he just knew how much he had destroyed with that one bullet, and how much the destruction he brought on himself was justified.

Neither Dembe nor Mr Kaplan would betray Red, and Red betrayed Mr Kaplan. Man is he paying the price high. I want to see how high.

and she was just...... dancing. (Driver Red/Imposter theory support?)

AK: Over dinner one night, she said she wanted to look at it. I thought she meant look from the street. But when we got there, she jumped the fence. The lights were on. People lived there. She didn’t care. I stood there… frozen, angry, nervous. Then I felt… this rush of exhilaration. I climbed up, looked into the yard… and she was just…
RR: Dancing.

If Red wasn’t there, then how exactly would he have known what Katarina was doing in that yard? Was it simply because he knew her so well? Was she excessively prone to committing such little joyous acts of defiance?

Alright, let’s try this one on… Perhaps Red knew that Kat was dancing on the lawn because he was there, watching from the car. As a chauffer, it was his duty to drive them to the architect’s home .

(sure, go ahead to file this under ‘it really doesn’t matter’)

EDIT: It just occurred to me that if Kirk had to scale the fence to see what she was doing, then Red couldn’t have watched her from the car. Still, even if he couldn’t watch, Kirk and Kat may have clued him in when they returned.