Look at these kids having fun. So cute!

Was Hongbin teaching them VIXX’s chop at the neck thing?! xD

  • Me: The stars are beautiful tonight.
  • You: Yeah.
  • Me: You know who else is beautiful?
  • You: /Blushes/
  • Me: Idols who are healthy and happy with their life and who are loved and appreciated by their fans regardless of who they are behind the glamorous image they created for themselves.
  • You: Tru bro.
Smiles are like a magical virus.When you see a stranger smile, you naturally smile too. I always smile because I hope that others will smile too.

Xandar (Alexander Eusebio), Soloist (formerly U-Kiss)

Quote for today. This is a really nice quote, a simple smile can change the day for the people are you.


Birth Name: Alexander Lee Eusebio

Stage Name: Xander

Birthday: July 29, 1988

Position: Rapper, Leader, Dancer

Weight: 63 kg

Height: 182 cm

Other: Was born in Macao, Hong Kong. He was the lead rapper and Leader of U-KISS. He is half-korean, quarter-portugese and quarter-chinese from his Portugese-Chinese father and Korean mother. He can speak in 7 different languages: Cantonese, English, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and claimed to have learned French too. He and his older sister both share this love in language. Before debuting with U-Kiss, he worked as a model. In 2011, shortly after Kibum was removed from the group, Alexander withdrew from U-KISS, his contract was terminated. Currently, he is a solo singer under M Plus Entertainment using his real name; Alexander Lee Eusebio, and released his single ‘I Just’. He enjoys listening to music, watching movies, reading books & taking pictures. He is a hardcore Christian as well, which is obvious for anyone who follows his Twitter account where he often posts quotes or sayings. He has always been extremely generous and thankful to all of his fans and those who have supported him, he is often expressing his thanks to those who have. His family is also well known by fans, as they are active and interactive on  Twitter, where they also communicate with Alexander, which also gives fans a sense of the warmth and love they share as a family. Alexander also has a number of good friends who are in the entertainment industry, such as F(x)’s Amber, Youn Ha, Bekah (formerly with the group 'After School’), 2PM’s Nickhun, Danson Tang, Super Junior-M member Zhou Mi, former bandmates Dongho and Kibum, Chinese singer Wei Chen, and Taiwanese singer/actor Vanness Wu.  He is an extremely lovable man with a fun quirky sense about him with an amazing sense of humor, anyone who’s met him would immediately want to become his friend.

Celebrities who congratulated BTS for their BBMA (Top Social Artist)

Peniel Shin (BTOB)

Kevin Woo (former U-KISS)

Eric Nam

Alexander Lee Eusebio

Tiger JK

Lumpens (production team that has produced many of BTS’ videos). Tiger JK retweeted Lumpen’s tweet later.

Son Sung Deuk (BigHit Choregrapher)

P-Dogg (BigHit Producer)

Keone Madrid (choreographed Dope, FIRE and Not Today)

The Chainsmokers



“Non sottovalutate il potere di UN voto. Ogni singolo voto conta. Che si vinca o si perda, la somma finale di tutti i voti rispecchia il vostro AMORE e SUPPORTO. #BTSBBMAs"

(N/B:* Ex membro del gruppo Ukiss)

Traduzione a cura del Bangtan Italian Channel Subs (©Mira)




I have been a fan of them for 5 years and i wanna say thank you for being there throughout my school years in highschool, there is no group that given a great impact in my life, more than bts actually, they are the light of my life back then. 5 years are such a long year for me.

I went through so many hard days but they light those days with their meaningful and beautiful music, i still remember the lyrics and can still sing along with their songs

I can’t utter any word of how grateful i am to stumble into them in my life, I’m not regretting anything

Although they went through so many ups and downs, members leaving, additional of some new members, never won any music awards in their homeland, get criticized but they still stand n never giving up for 9 years!

As the years went by, two of them already became a father of two beautiful baby boy and the leader are going to enlist in the army soon, omg I’m so emotional of how much they have grown and how much i have grown with their music

I never get to see you guys live as the fate didn’t bring us together but I’m sure I’m going to see you guys with my own eyes before i close my eyes forever. OT10 now and always.

Thank you U-KISS for all those years,

9 years and beyond,
Once a KISSme, Always a KISSme

Much love,
an emotional KISSme that can’t stop crying lol

If your that kind of international fan that doesn’t want diversity in kpop or even Americans in kpop and think kpop is for Koreans only, yet you support Alexandra Reid, Amber Liu, Kevin Woo, Eric Nam,Ailee, Aron Kwak, Brian Joo, Eli Kim, Jay Park, Jessica Jung, Krystal Jung, Nicole Jung, Nichkhun Horvejkul, Tiffany Hwang, Fei, Han Geng, Jia, Lay, Victoria, Zhou Mi, Henry Lau, Alexander Eusebio, Mark Tuan, Jackson Wang, Bambam Jeon Somi, Sorn, Elkie,Jie Qiong/Pinky, Cheng Xiao, Xuan Yi, Mei Qi, Cao Lu, Sana, Momo, Mina, Tzuyu, Lisa, Mark (NCT), Ten, Yuta, Winwin, Michelle Lee, Vernon, Joshua, and plenty of Non Korean or American born idols then you can just gtfo of this fandom and delete any of your kpop dance covers and singing covers.

Since, you obviously are having double standards and being a hypocrite. If you think that way then, you shouldn’t even make kpop dance and singing covers. Some of those idols did do that stuff as well to be where they are now. And auditioned at their agency singing and dancing kpop. Not everyone can make it big in their own country or even have the chance to be something in their country. If South Koreans are willing to let these idols into kpop, then you should too. 

A lot of situations and events are moving in a more diverse direction, because the world is changing and if you think that these people are stealing the spotlight because they aren’t Korean, I sure hope you get the idea that these idols will struggle in a country they did not grow up in or isn’t even fluent in their language.  Many of these idols have trained long, and alongside with their members. 

If you appose Americans being into kpop, but some of these idols are Korean American, then how is that any different. Some of those idols probably did want to make a singing career here in America. But I also hope you know that if you want to sing, rap, or dance here and be popular, its like finding a needle in a haystack. Your chances are super slim, and even if you did make it your chances of staying famous is incredibly low and you’ll probably fade out the music or acting life of America.

List of Foreign Kpop Stars

Okay, so I had yet to find a good list of Kpop stars that were born in other countries. This is a list that I managed to make with a whole lot of research. This is only for where they were born, and nothing after that. If you have anyone else to add/any corrections to make then please add them!!

Foreign kpop stars

Jessica (Former SNSD)
Krystal (Fx)
Tiffany (SNSD)
Amber (Fx)
Eric Nam
Kevin Woo (UKISS)
Eli Kim (UKISS)
Eric Mun (Shinhwa)
Yoon Mirae
Jessi H.O
Roy Kim
Danny Ahn
Brian Joo
Chae Dahee
Jay Kim (TRAX)
Nicole Jung (Former KARA)
Lee Changmin (2am)
Ok Nickhun (2pm)
Jay Park
Alex (RaNia)
Tina (Blady)
Coco (Blady)
Tia (Chocolat)
Aron (Nu'est)
Peniel (BtoB)
Cheska (Fiestar)
Cory (24K)
Moonchul (Royal Pirates)
James (Royal Pirates)
Sooyoon (Royal Pirates)
Mark (Got7)
Alex (High4)
Jay Kim (BTL)
Kasper (Play The Siren)
Joshua (Seventeen)
Vernon (Seventeen)

Henry Lau (Super Junior)
Kris (Former Exo-M)

Jang Hanbyul (Former Led Apple/LedT)
Rome (C-Clown)

Ayumi Itu (Sugar)
Kangnam (M.I.B)
Takuya (Cross Gene)
Hana (Skarf)
Rise (Ladies Code)
Momo (Twice)
Sana (Twice)
Mina (Twice)

Bambam (Got7)
Mint (Tiny G)

Jia (Miss A)
Fei (Miss A)
Tao (Former Exo-M)
Lay (Exo-M)
Luhan (Former Exo-M)
Casper (Cross Gene)
J.G (Cross gene)
Cao Lu (Fiestar)
Hui (24K)
Jackson (Got7)
Yixuan (UNIQ)
Wenhan (UNIQ)
Yibo (UNIQ)
Jun (Seventeen)
The8 (Seventeen)
Han Geng (Former Super Junior)

Alexander Lee Eusebio (Former Ukiss)

Isak (Isak n Jiyeon)

Tasha (Skarf)
Ferlyn (Skarf)

Tzuyu (Twice)