christopher_hill_films: Was looking through some hard drives for possibly lost projects and I discovered a bunch of BTS photos of the ‘free your mind’ shoot with great actor and all round good human Alexander Skarsgard from some years ago. I generally don’t have much evidence of myself ‘directing’ on set, but according to these pics, it apparently involves pointing, looking off into the distance, sitting, laughing and casual romantic chats with lead actors in orange groves. Was a hectic one day shoot but I enjoyed every moment of it immensely. Great friends and colleagues involved. Still one of my favourite projects. #cutcopy #freeyourmind #alexanderskarsgard (shared by Christopher Hill, director of the video, on 8/20/2018)


when you see the object of your fantasies


The men of Hollywood embrace the black theme at the 2018 Golden Globes.

That feeling you get when you find out about a new actor and you can feel yourself spiralling into yet another obsession but it’s too late to back out now so you let it take over your social life