Alex with fans in New York today at Bua Bar and The Deep End Club (July 29, 2016).


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Oysters + beer = $12
Sangria pitcher = $15
A picture with Alexander Skarsgard = Priceless
Happy 25th, Natalie!!

GodlyMachine twitter (x) & instagram: @natlu33 birthday chillin w Alexander Skarsgaard.. @ Bua 

margefarrell instagram:  I would like to thank my parents because without them this moment would not exist. #youcanbeafangirlatanyage

Buzzfeed: 24 Horror Stories That Will Put You Off Meeting Celebs For Life

10. “Many years ago I literally ran into Alexander Skarsgård in Stockholm. When I tried to step back and apologise, my hair got stuck in his jacket. I realised who it was, and I panicked when my hair wouldn’t come loose. I started babbling apologies and almost screamed, ‘I swear I’m not doing this on purpose!’ He just laughed, helped me untangle my hair, patted me on the head like a child, and hurried off. I wanted to die.”

Thank you to MY BOSS (DV) that actually told me he saw this story on BuzzFeed and @alexanderskarsgardonline for the photo!

Great review of #WaronEveryone @waroneveryone by @mattsmovierev [Michael Peña & Alexander Skarsgård]

Excerpt of Matthew Pejkovic’s review:

Both Skarsgard and Pena are excellent as Terry and Bob, Skarsgard especially proving his chops as a legit presence on the screen who delivers a mixture of brooding darkness, key comedic timing and electric magnetism. Where The Legend of Tarzan was poised to make the True Blood actor a movie star, War on Everyone proves his worth as an actor of immense skill and charisma.

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Spot the differences: Alexander Skarsgård - #TarzanReborn promotion in Japan

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