Best Friends! VideoGame Club - Episode 02 - Intervention

Marina’s bad habits are ruining game night, so Caldwell, Owen and Murph decide to hold an intervention.

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#RNC Plus #Isaac Equals Twitter Brilliance

It’s a perfect storm of weather, politics, ignorance, and stupid scheduling, and we’ve got all the funniest Tweets about it right here.


I attended the Zero Friends book signing yesterday in Lower Haight. I picked up the book, was given a free print, and got polaroids of each of the artists (excluding graffiti artist Quake since he wasn’t there yet) who were signing books yesterday. Everyone was super nice about it. Artists who I met yesterday were Alex Pardee, Dave Correia, Brett Amory, Ricky Watts, Robert Bowen, Jon Wayshak, Matt Ritchie and Nate Van Dyke. HUGE thank you to Zero Friends for having this event and letting me do my picture taking thing.

Thanks guys! Ya’ll are awesome! zerofriendsnews pardeemonster


ShitiBike (CitiBike Parody) (by Alex Watt)

Fuckin’ metacomedy, right? The sport of kings.

Same Old Agenda is Just Rolling Along,
Media Diverts Us to What They Say is Wrong,
Yet Histories Must Be Seen and Understood,
And the Revolutionaries in the Brotherhood,
Yes Media Chatters in This System Dysfunctional,
Yet Doesn’t Mention Most Revolutions are Cultural,
Transform Society with its Laws and Formality,
Until the New Normals Become Normality,
History Shows the Movement, Look and Find,
The Force That’s at War with All Humankind
—  Alex Watt
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