So pissed.

I’ve been out all day and missed the Nationwide race, I’m helping my sister move into college.That’s not what I’m pissed about, I knew I was going to miss it.

Anywho, I get back to the hotel room and see a bit during Sportscenter about the race. I missed the recap, but I came in just in time for a 5 minute piece on Danica Patrick’s day. Basically it was the same bullshit we hear every time she runs a race about how she learned a lot and had a solid day. She finished 24th.

Meanwhile, Alex Tagliani finishes second. Second. What about him learning? Where’s his learning curve? This was his third career start in the Nationwide Series (to Danica’s 19th start).

I can’t stand the media (especially ESPN), they’re so focused on Danica, they don’t see when there’s real talent and a real bit of driving right under their noses. Alex should have had a 5 minute piece on Sportcenter, not Danica. I don’t care if Danica worked her way up to 8th at one point, she killed her brakes doing it and it fucked her in the end. Not much of a learning experience if you ask me, unless you count “Oh I guess I shouldn’t use so much brake that they’re dead at the end of the race next time” as a lesson, because then yes, she did learn something.


I dare you to try and watch this without smiling!


Stuff I Saw #BlueJays #Tigers July 1 …
~ Canada Day signs in the hotel windows and Canadian IndyCar star Alex Tagliani throwing out the first pitch. Dickey did not wear his Burger King crown and Thole looks a little disappointed. Maicer shares a LOL with an ump.
~ Reyes showed platano power all while wearing extra support for his ankle. Rajai’s oven mitt was not born of a foam finger. Andy Dirks is a happy guy. Colby wants to know why y'all are yelling so much.
~ Bautista is probably still wearing Dickey’s pants. Probably. Jim Leyland checks to make sure that Kawasaki is playing the game the right way. Here is JPA on base. Yes, I said ON BASE. No Canada Day would be complete without patio lanterns. Have fun peeps!