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How Was Your Week: Episode 75
“Doc Hopper Realness”: Alex Stone

Ahoy! And a robust August to you. This week brings the return of the HOW WAS YOUR WEEK BOOK CLUB! Woo-hoo! YEAH! Books!!!!!!!

The one and only guest on the show is Alex Stone, the author of Fooling Houdini: Magicians, Mentalists, Math Geeks & the Hidden Powers of the Mind. Strap on your nerd helmet, fasten its padded chin-strap, and get ready to learn…

  • Why people STILL play Three-Card Monte
  • What the term “in-attentional blindness” means and how it applies to getting your watch stolen
  • The difference between magic and comedy
  • And why there aren’t a lot of lady magicians.

Plus, Julie posits a disturbing hypothetical about Mr. Rogers, ponders Stephen King extensively, asks after Billy Joel, discloses an embarrassing decision she made in a movie theater recently, condemns ventriloquist dummies, and recaps Puppetry of the Penis, which may or may not have been a dream we all had.

Also: why it’s sometimes tougher to trick children than adults, who Julie has decided the blind Kenny Rogers of magic is, Jack Black’s performance in “Robert” Linklater’s BERNIE and what a “Hype” is, in the magic lingo world.There’s a lot going on in this week’s episode.

This is a fascinating show for your face.

So, I watched one of my favorite childhood movies today, Major Payne, and I had totally forgot about my big ol’ crush on Steven Martini (Cadet Alex Stone)!! He was just 90’s perfection! That blonde hair, blue eyes, leather jacket, and bad attitude! 18 years later and I’m still swooning!! They just dont make boys like they used to. 


G R E A S EㅤA U!

Alex Turner as Danny Zuko;

Taylor Swift as Sandy Olsson

Pink Ladies: Dianna Agron as Frenchy/ Emma Stone as Marty / Vanessa Hudgens as Rizzo / Jennifer Lawrence as Jan

T birds: Louis Tomlinson as Kenickie/ Darren Criss as Doody / Dougie Poynter as Putzie / Jonah Hill as Sonny


The Great American Road Trip from @abcnewsradio and @astoneabcnews

Today: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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ABC News Radio’s Alex Stone explores gas prices, the economy, and culture across the America. Read about yesterday’s stop in Santa Rosa, NM.

ABC News Radio Correspondent Alex Stone is hitting the road. Starting on Sunday, May 8th, Alex will begin a Flagstaff, Arizona, to Chicago, Illinois, road trip along historic Route 66. During the five day, 1600 mile journey, Alex will speak with Americans about gas prices, food prices and how their lives are being touched daily by the economy. Stone will find out how people are changing their day-to-day life to cope with the many challenges they face.

Ride along with ABC News Radio Correspondent Alex Stone on his Great American Road Trip.

Short link to the blog:

ABC News Radio Correspondent Alex Stone stops at a local rancher’s farm in Oklahoma, where he finds that high grain and gas prices, along with a shortage of rain, is making business difficult.

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(OKLAHOMA CITY) – We arrived here in Oklahoma City on a hazy evening after making stops in an area near the towns of Sweetwater and Arcadia , Oklahoma to get a feeling for how the economy is affecting folks in this state.

First, we met rancher Monte Tucker, who invited us onto his property to see how his personal economy has been suffering.  Monte is a sixth generation rancher who lives on the property his family has owned for years.  He’s now suffering from not only high gas prices but also high grain prices and a severe lack of rain, which is equally disastrous for his ranch.  His cows don’t have enough grass to eat, the wheat he grows is dead, and grain prices make it expensive to feed that to his cattle.

Monte says he never expected things would get this bad.  

Our producer, Pablo, and I jumped in Monte’s truck and went for a ride out to his pasture.  The lack of rain has killed just about any kind of plant or weed that would normally be growing.  In fact, Monte’s truck smelled of smoke because last weekend he was battling a wildfire on his property.  Wildfires have become quite common with the drought here.  The folks who live around here are on their own, including when it comes to fighting fires.  The locals say conditions now are worse than they were during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.  

From Monte’s ranch, we moved into the Oklahoma City area where we stopped by Pops.  Pops is a pretty darn cool place, right along Route 66 North of Oklahoma City, in the town of Arcadia.  It’s a futuristic-looking soda shop, diner and gas station all in one.  They sell over 500 different types of bottled soda from all over the world at Pops.  The director of operations spent some time showing us around and explained how he’s just not seeing the tourists this year because of the high gas prices.  The place is packed, but it mostly locals coming in for some good food.

And get this – on Monday, the gas sold to Pops went up 31 cents, a cost that now that has to be passed on to the customers.  The staff working at Pops say prices keep going up, not down like analysts had predicted.

On Wednesday, we begin rolling north as we get closer to our final stop in Chicago.  We’ll make our way through Tulsa and into Missouri, where we plan to sleep in Lebanon.

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