On the 'humans are space orcs' idea

Due to different evolutionary paths, some of the natural chemicals in a Human’s body are toxic to Guelians in high doses. Some have highly nauseous effects, some can temporarily alter the mind, causing drastic hallucinations. Very few can cause death if they get too high. Unfortunately, adrenaline is one of them, so from a young age they’ve been trained to suppress and control their chemical levels.

On an away trip to planet Ma'leq, the team of 5 crash due to a computer malfunction in their ship. Krewp has escaped relatively unscathed, struggling to keep his chemical levels low and regulated. The other two Guelians struggle out of the wreckage, one with a broken limb, and the other with a missing appendage. While their scaly textures protects against the environment back on their homeworld, it’s useless against this planet, and crashes.

Minutes pass and the injured two struggle on the ground, their pain overriding their internal chemical training. Krewp can tell their adrenaline is rising, and turns away to keep it from affecting him. Instead, he scans the ship, waiting for the two human members of the team to appear. After what seems like forever, the struggling behind him had resided, and there is no sign of the missing members. The two join him, adrenaline managed. Lurta turns away and chitters solemnly. Hopre hangs her head, scales dulling. Krewp refuses to look away, and is rewarded with a panel being grunted aside. Human Leanne runs out, pulling Human Alex, who is limp, and she hurries to the three Guelians. She props Human Alex against a large stone, crouching beside him, and starts tending to him.

Krewp walks over to assist, and notices that Human Leanne is also injured. “Human Leanne,” he speaks in their garbled tongue, “I had no conception of the pain tolerance of humans.”

She looks up at him, then back at Human Alex. “I’m not injured. Don’t be ridiculous. Are you sure I’m injured?”

Krewp gestures to her leg with his fourth arm, and she glances down. Her tibia is stabbing through the skin of her leg, gleaming yellow and red in the dim light. “Well,” she sits back onto her behind. “Would you look at that. Thank God for adrenaline, am I right?”

Hopre overhears and her scales go dull. “Adrenaline?”

“Yeah,” says Human Leanne. “Better help Alex before it wears off and my leg really starts to kill me.”

Only now are the Guelians realizing that Humans are terrifying.

So, I watched one of my favorite childhood movies today, Major Payne, and I had totally forgot about my big ol’ crush on Steven Martini (Cadet Alex Stone)!! He was just 90’s perfection! That blonde hair, blue eyes, leather jacket, and bad attitude! 18 years later and I’m still swooning!! They just dont make boys like they used to. 

Sanvers Week Day 2 - Nerd Girlfriends

In all her years of being wined and dined by well-intentioned young men she tried so hard to love, Alex hoped she’d learned a thing or two about how to treat a lady.

But when Maggie first came over to her apartment with pizza and beer, to make all her hopes come true and kiss her for what felt like the first time, Alex had blurted out that she wanted to take her on a date before she even realised that she’d never planned one in her life.

Where the hell did lesbians go for dates anyway? She didn’t think she’d ever seen any at the movies, at a restaurant… Did they just go to gay places? Is that why she’d never noticed?

The doubt must have shown on her face, because Maggie had smiled a little and tucked some of Alex’s hair behind her ear. “Danvers, you really don’t have to. I feel like I should take you out first. You know, to show you how the other half live,” she joked.

“Pfft, thank you, but I’ve got this,” Alex chuckled, eyes flitting anywhere but into the too-warm intensity of Maggie’s. “I can plan a date. I’m the best at planning dates. I’m…I’m known for it.”

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I have a sanvers prompt for you It's a college Au Alex is at Stanford Maggie enlisted in the military Maggie surprises Alex at her last Basketball game I saw this prompt going around it's not mine I would write it but I'm not very good

Alex aches. Every single part of Alex’s body aches. But Alex Danvers is not a quitter. She does not go quietly into the night. She will not vanish without a fight. She will play on. She will….stop quoting Independence Day in her head and just shoot the damn basket. Because Alex Danvers is graduating top of her class at Stanford in May. Because Alex Danvers is this close to being valedictorian. Because Alex Danvers is more than her mother’s expectations. Because Alex Danvers is the best women’s college basketball player in the nation, and this is her last game and she refuses to lose.

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