Alex from Target imagine

I walk into Target just hoping to get in and out as quick as possible. All I want is ice cream, today has been horrible, so all I ask for is some goddamn ice cream. I walk over to the freezer section and look over the ice creams.
“Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough..nahhh” I mumble to myself.
I scan over a few more flavors and decide to get peppermint chocolate. I grab the tub of ice cream and make my way over to a check out lane. I pull out a 10 dollars, not even caring to look up, as I put my ice cream on the table. I guess I zoned out, because I felt someone tap my shoulder.
“Uh sorry- you uh spaced out, I guess,” said Alex - guessing from his name tag. I blushed and mumbled a small “yeah I guess”.
I look up and meet his eyes.
“I’m Y/N” I say quickly and revert my eyes away from his. He chuckles.
“Well Y/N , that would be $9.67. And paper or plastic?” Alex says.
“Uh plastic.” I say and give him the 10 dollars.
“Your chang-” I cut him off “Keep the change.”. He smiles.
“Well okay Y/N, have a nice day, thank you for shopping at Target. Hope to see you around sometime.” He says giving a cheeky smile, and handing me my ice cream. I blush and smile, and take my bag.
“Yeah see you around.” I say making my way to the exit. As I was making my way to leave I saw a Starbucks, I could help but make my into the Starbucks. I know I shouldn’t have Starbucks right now, but a drink sounds really appealing right now. I make my way to the table to order, and see a handsome man. I looked at his name tag “Frankie” It read. I smile at him, and he smiles back.
“What can I get ya?” He says smiling.

“Just a vinalla frap.Small.” I say, and pull out a twenty.
“Name?” He asks
“Y/N” I say causally, Frankie smiles.
“What a beautiful name.” He says in awe
“Thanks” i sheepishly say, he laughs a little. I go to a vacant table, and wait for my name to be called. Then I realize I still had my ice cream. Just as I was about to get up I hear my name called. I make my way to the counter.
“Here you go!” Frankie says handing me the drink, and I give him the twenty.
“Sorry to bother, but could you get me a spoon?” I say blushing, he laughs and nods. He opens a cabinet, and takes out a spoon, and hands me it.
“Thanks Frank.” I say cooly until I realize the nickname I just gave him. My face turns red. He starts laughing, catching some attention from the few people in the room.
“Frank?” He says laughing
“Er yeah sorry.” I say awkwardly. He shakes his head.
“It’s fine, but you know lover boy doesn’t think so.” He says looking behind me. I turn and see Alex standing there with clenched fist. I gaze at him in confusion. Shrugging I say thanks to Frankie for the spoon and drink, and head to my table. I get out my ice cream from my plastic bag, and pop it open, and start eating it, taking sips of vinalla frap. I soon feel a presence in front of me. I look up to meet Alex’s beautiful eyes.
“Oh hey.” I say greeting him. He smiles, but it soon fades.
“Hey uh this is awkward to ask,but do you like Frankie?” He says staring into my eyes, I felt as if he could see through me with that piercing gaze.
“Uh no I just met him.” Alex breathes a sigh of relief.
“Good in that case see you at 7 tonight, dress casual.” He says smiling cheekily and walking away, leaving me stunned and confused.