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EVERY WORD HANDWRITTEN:  A Gaslight Anthem Fan Zine

Hey, everyone.  My name is Tres Dean and if you’ve been following me on here for more than 5 minutes, you know that I’m a huge fan of The Gaslight Anthem.  They’re my favorite band that is still actually together and making music and touring and whatnot.

I find them hugely inspiring on multiple levels and their work has influenced me as a writer and a person in general.

Last summer I penned an outline to a 5-ish page comic adaptation of one of my favorite songs by them called “The Backseat.”  I’m working over the next couple of months with a friend of mine (y'all follow to see his crazy nice work) to actually get it produced.

The whole process of this got me thinking about how cool it would be to put together a small fan zine of Gaslight Anthem-inspired art and adaptations.  I have no idea what the interest in this would be like, so I’m using this post to gauge that.  

The general goal would be to produce a fan zine over the next few months filled with pinups, design pieces, and sequential art adaptations all based on the band and their songs.  It would probably shy away from pieces depicting the band themselves and focus more on stuff like the above piece by El Jefe (my single favorite piece he’s done for them….guys, how great is that print?!).  You know, art pieces inspired by songs or overarching themes in their music.  We’d probably just produce it as a .pdf and send it to the participants and anybody interested in looking at it.  And if participants want to print a few copies on their own to hand out, that’s also fine.  Obviously we can’t really generate profit from this because I have a feeling it’s several different kinds of illegal.  It’s more something I’d wanna do as a tribute to a band I care about a lot.

Maybe I’m the only person that would be interested in doing this, but I figured it’s worth a shot to see if anybody else would be down.  Shoot me an email at or drop me a message here if you’d like to talk about getting this together.  

At the very least, it’d be super cool if people could reblog this or send it to friends that might be interested.  Thanks!


Brian Fallon and Alex Rosamilia did a Cardinal Session before their show in Düsseldorf. Here’s them playing 1000 Years 

If you know what’s good for you, you’ll listen to this!