A really big announcement from (really) Big Finish!

River Song will apparently be in Doctor Who: Doom Coalition 2 with Paul McGann and Nicola Walker! She also will get a solo box set entitled Doctor Who: The Diary of River Song!

Also announced today: Ian McNeice as Winston Churchill in a box set Doctor Who: The Churchill Years. Apparently it is in the small-cast style of the Companion Chronicles as Churchill relates some of his adventures with the ninth, tenth, and eleventh Doctors.

Also a Doctor Who: Classic Doctors, New Monsters box set (not sure why Sontarans are “new monsters,” but that doesn’t matter, it’s bound to be good):

  • Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor confronting the Weeping Angels
  • Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor against the Judoon
  • Sylvester McCoy as Seven faces the Sycorax
  • Eighth Doctor Paul McGann against the Sontarans