Mr. Song opinion

Alright, so I am sure this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I am overly excited about the thought of River Song getting herself another husband. 

11 was a constant flirt, his entire relationship was Clara left me overly uncomfortable, especially when 12 commented about not being her boyfriend and says basically it was a mistake. That irked me to no end, to bring in a character, imply she is the Doctors one true love, kill her off then next seasons “Ding Dong im your boyfriend”. 

So seeing River get some -for lack of better word- side action is actually equally out the playing field a fair bit in my opinion. Its imply that while they are together they are a couple but while they are apart they are open. At least with an open relationship I feel like its still respectful to River, but if she was there waiting for her man or watching like a book on a book shelf as he flirted his way across time and space well thats just insulting to the character and fans. 

So I am 100% for Mr. Song. 


Race to Save River Song (HQ) - Doctor Who - Forest of the Dead - BBC

One of the best episodes of the whole series !