Check out this chronological video timeline of River Song’s life! 

I always receive questions about River’s timeline and the order of events in her life, so hopefully this video from Adminathor will help :)

(More) Definitive proof that Alex Kingston is a gift to this world

I asked Alex to sign a Lady M pic for my classroom and as she was doing it she said she had been talking about Macbeth with a good number of people the day before. And that because of that, she found herself PERFORMING LADY MACBETH IN HER HEAD AS SHE FELL ASLEEP THAT NIGHT. Because of course she did. Some people count sheep, some people meditate - Alex performs intricate scenes of one of the most complex female characters in literary history IN HER HEAD WHILE DRIFTING OFF TO SLEEP.

Just. Does this woman actually exist?

Alex Kingston and Arthur Darvill at Awesome Con. The Pond Family reunion that almost was.

There was supposed to be the Pond family reunion at Awesome Con, with Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, and Alex Kingston, but Gillan ended up not being able to make it due to a conflict with her filming schedule. So maybe next year. Instead, we had two-thirds of the Doctor Who Pond family: Alex Kingston and Arthur Darvill.

No one complained, because two Ponds, or one River and one Rory, were better than none!

I missed the first half of the Q&A session with Alex Kingston, but I tell you what, she had one heckuva doozy announcement in the second…

Alex Kingston is getting married in July!!! Best wishes to her and her hubby-to-be!!!

How did we come to find this out? Someone in the audience asked about Kingston’s hair, which the actor is growing out for her wedding day.

Her toughest scene ever: the death of Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards), the husband of Kingston’s character, Elizabeth Corday, in the hit medical drama, ER.

This segued to Alex remarking about British actors working in the US, American actors working in the UK, and both the good and bad accents heard in shows on either side of the pond. She pointed out Gillian Anderson’s British accent as being particularly good. And for the record, Kingston’s American accent in Arrow is, too.

A couple of Q&A sessions later was the one with Arthur Darvill, whom many of you know costars in the hit mystery drama Broadchurch and leads the cast in the upcoming (2016) Legends of Tomorrow, in which he plays the time-traveling rogue Rip Hunter. For folks in the UK, he will also feature in Danny and the Human Zoo, the new BBC biopic about the life of British actor Lenny Henry (Chef!) as a teenager.

Darvill admitted that he hadn’t watched very much of Doctor Who while growing up, what with being in a band and all, but if pressed for a favorite Doctor, it would be Sylvester McCoy. He also noted that fans often go up to him and quote various of Rory’s lines, most of which Arthur no longer recalls (so bear this in mind when you see him on the street).

– from The British TV Place

So another little vignette from Awesome Con. Right before my photo op with Alex and Arthur yesterday, there was a family with several small children, including a baby. The small children went right over to Arthur, and he bent down to their level and greeted them, and it was super cute. 

Meanwhile, Alex held the baby, and it was absolutely adorable. The baby was interested in her rings, so she kept showing them to her. Then she sort of cooed at the baby and tried to get her to pay attention to the camera and stay still for a second. The photographer had to do two photos because the baby kept moving, but watching the whole thing play out was really heartwarming. My friend kept remarking afterwards how Alex was so good with the baby.

Alex Kingston: I don’t think of [River’s] whole character.

Alex Kingston, Q&A and autograph sessions, Awesome Con, Washington DC

Unlike her other characters, Alex Kingston said she never thinks of “the whole character”.

“I don’t think of River’s past, present, or future.” She only thinks about the lines in a particular scene and plays that, even if it conflicts with River’s story up to there.

So when asked about changes to River’s character or her relationships such RiverxDoctor and The Pond Family – including Amy & Rory disowning Melody before and after Manhattan - she acknowledges those things have changed, but she shrugs it off. If that is what Moffat and the writers – like Chibnall – do, then she accepts it and plays it that way, even if it conflicts with Melody/River’s story.

“II respect the intelligence of the writers and the intricacies they must write.” So River’s and her relationships retcon isn’t something she considers. Unlike her other characters like Elizabeth Corday or Ruth Hattersley.

Thinking of River like her other characters would “tarnish my performance”.

I wish she did treat River and her story like her other characters. I’d like to see her care about Melody/River’s story instead of saying it doesn’t matter. Why not River? Why treat her differently? :(

Okay, one last story from Awesome Con. I was maybe the 5th person in line for Alex’s autograph yesterday morning, and I stood directly across from where she’d be coming in. We waited for about an hour and fifteen minutes, when suddenly Arthur came into his both (even though I was in line for Alex, I was also pretty close to Arthur’s booth). Everyone cheered for Arthur, and I think he said something like “Good morning,” and later made a strange noise and sort of cheered back. Then Alex came out a few minutes later, and the crowd cheered, but not for very long. Arthur said, “that was a short woop.” And Alex agreed, so she looked at us, stood up(possibly on her chair) and shouted, “Come on, you can do better than that!” Then we responded much more appropriately. She waved to everyone and pointed out the people dressed as ancient Egyptians in Arthur’s line. It was a hilarious exchange.