LFA. by Alex Penfold

alphastellar's future email to get pete wentz to sign us:

Gayest Band

hey pep Webtxc,

we Really Fyckingsgj. Love u Band n it Saveddsr our Livesfh so could u Maybe BLEASB Just Sign US thanks we avpgractaye it Okay and also Tell patrick i Owe Him mine LYFE that’s all thanks also one moresyi thing um our Band name accidentally refs ur song alpha dog (“im a star”) but alctuslky it’s Named this bc i Fuckon love space n alpha is a Badass character i Wrote who Stands Up for what she Believes In and yeah. Sign Us

alphastellar (mini gay fob) 

Finding the Answers

Were it so easy for Aleyanna to just wish all of this sorrow and angst away. But she couldn’t. Instead, she had to keep going on. She had to keep going on for her family and friends. She had to ensure that she would be there for everyone.

And the night had started off so well. Alex had paid a visit to the household to determine Amelia’s magical capabilities. To everyone’s relief, she was not a mesmer. Instead, she was an elementalist. And an elementalist specializing in earth magic. It meant that Nikki would have a study buddy when the time came for the infant to start practicing.

And then she said the comment she wish she didn’t have to say. She still had to find Dawn’s body. Minthe’s letter didn’t give any whereabouts to it, and it left Renita making plans to head to the Valister’s to find answers. Alex was upset over Morgan’s joining of a cult obsessed with humanity’s survival. And Aleyanna was worried that she had condemned more people to suffer as a result of what she said.

But it didn’t matter. The main thing was to ensure the operative did not beat herself up again. She also had to ensure she had good dreams, and to be spoiled with love and food to help her out. After all, if everyone did their part, soon, the Pale Tree would be welcoming home a child of hers.


Smokin’ by Alex Penfold

The Music Of The Night -Part 1

Hello Hello! So, I’ve written a Lac x reader because Alex Lacamoire doesn’t get enough love.

The title is a fantastic song from Phantom that you can listen to here

Prompt: none, just my brain getting ideas at 7.30 AM when I’m on the bus, half asleep, on my way to University. Send help.

World count: 971 (I know, short! I promise the next are going to be longer!)

Warnings: maybe Language, but I’m not sure.


Feedback is highly recommanded!


-J. Laur (Marti)

It was 7:30AM and you were late. You had planned to wake up early, get ready and get on the train at 7, so that you could be in Manhattan at 7:15, get breakfast in Times Square and get in front of the theatre at 7:30. You wanted to give a wonderful 1st impression on the ensemble cast on your first day; but of course, something had not to go through plans.
You had woken up early, showered, got dressed in time and got to Times Square at 7:15. You had gotten to Starbucks but the line was too long, because some theatre genius decided to order 55 coffees and you were right after. So, when the clock stroke 7:30 you decided to grumpily leave and go to a much more expensive place near the theatre and get a coffee to go to drink in the 30 spare minutes you had left. Well, technically 10 to 15, because, once again; line.
Your nerves were tense, your stomach was clenching and you were trembling. What if they hated you? What if you didn’t remember everything you learned in school? What If you messed everything up? What if, what if, what if…
8AM. It was time to get in. With an unsteady step you made your way in front of the theatre, where a not-so-kind looking doorman was staring at you. “Can I help you, miss?” He asked, folding his arms in front of his chest. “Uh…My name is [Y/N] [Y/F/N]. I start today?” You said, but your statement came out more as a question. The man checked his list and nodded. “Up the stairs, last room to the left. They are waiting for you.” You thanked the man and walked in the theatre, your anxiety rising with every step you took.
You reached the room in no time, took a deep breath and then knocked on the door. A loud “come in”, invited you in the room. You were finally working on Hamilton, you could say you were in the room where it happened.
[Ok, I’m not a funny narrator, but you and I both know I was about to say that].
You walked in, and tried to put on a smile, even though it was obvious you were nervous. “H-hi. My name is [Y/N]. It’s an honour to be here and to meet you all.” You said and Lin smiled. It was a full cast and tech meeting, since Lin wanted to make sure everyone felt like it was a big family. “Hi! I’m Lin-Manuel Miranda, but you can call me Lin! Welcome to the family!” He said, hugging you and smiling at you. The man was a bubble of energy, suddenly you felt less tense and managed to smile a genuine smile. “Hi, I’m Thomas Kail, I direct the show!” said Thomas, and proceeded to hug you. You hugged back and smiled. All by one, the rest of the techs presented themselves and you started the daily meeting smoothly, only to be rudely interrupted half an hour later by a very attractive man storming in screaming “I FOUND HIM”; then proceeded to run to the chair you were sat in and scoffed when he saw you in it. “Lin, who is she and what is she doing in my chair?” He said. His voice was something beautiful. “She’s [Y/N]. She’s our new stage tech. She’ll be a sort of assistant to you, Lac. [Y/N], this is Alex Lacamoire, we call him Lac. He’s the director of the orchestra and the guy who helped me with the arrangements for both Hamilton and Heights, but you probably already know him,” he said, and you nodded, sticking out your hand for Lac to shake it. He smiled at you, took it briefly and looked at you as if he had to ask you something.
Lin had started to explain what had to be done again, only to stop after a few minutes because it was obvious that Lac staring at you was making you not feel at ease. “Lac, is there anything wrong?” Asked Lin. “Uh, she’s in my chair.” Lac replied, scratching the back of his head. Lin rolled his eyes and shaked his head and rolled his eyes. “Lac, there’s plenty of other chairs.” “No, it’s no problem. Here. I’ll move over there, it’s ok,” you said, smiling and changing seat. Lac sat down in his chair and you went to seat next to Thomas, at the end of the table. “Ok, well. I was done anyway. You may go to work. [Y/N], good luck for your first day! Lac, before you follow the others, a word.”
You left the room confused. You had tried to seem oblivious you didn’t know Lin, Thomas or Lac, but you had fangirlied so hard over the fact that you were going to work side by side with them. And see a show that was completely sold out every night, with a wonderful cast, for free AS YOUR JOB, was an amazing thing for you.
You made your way to the orchestra pit, following Georgie, one of the techs that worked in the sound area, where you had to work. You and Georgie chatted a bit, since you weren’t sure what you really had to do, Lin said something that went with the lines of “you’re Lac’s assistant”, so you had to wait for Lac to come in and give you direction.
“Yo, Georgie. Do you call Mr. Lacamoire ‘Lac’ or Alex?” you asked, not being sure. “Uh…Either Lac or Alex. He’ll answer to almost anything. Don’t worry, he’s a funny guy, everything will go well,” she said.
You hang out backstage until it he came back and told you to just “go upstairs and enjoy the show.”
You can’t really disobey your boss, right?