Mark Cavendish about his today’s win, Kwiato and the team 

Kwiatkowski was sad about yesterday, but he gave everything today to try and get us the win.

I feel like Omega Pharma - Quick-Step brought a strong team here. Not just in the legs, but a group of friends. It really feels like a family. It’s a nice situation to be in. There isn’t a lot of pressure, we just want to go out and do well. It’s so refreshing and nice to be back like that. We’ve got 23-year-olds like Kwiato and Matteo, and 40-year-olds like Alessandro. But it really feels like a bunch of kids just going out to race their bikes.


Being a supporter of such a great team is incredible. I feel, like Mark, they are a group of friends and they like being with each other. It’s not only a team, but also a family