Alexei’s last letter to Kolya Derevenko


Dear Kolya,

All of my sisters send greetings to you, your mother and
grandmother. I feel well myself. My head was aching
all day, but now the pain has gone completely. I
embrace you warmly. Greetings to the Botkins from all of

Always yours


The end.

1990s interview with Kolya Derevenko

“I was a little boy, just 12 years old…I didn’t know anything about people’s evil…..We lived in Popov house, very close to Ipatiev house. In the middle of summer 1918, I was afraid, and I was preoccupied about Aleksei.I wanted to see him. And, I am sure, he wanted to see me. Until that sad 17th july 1918. My father, Gilliard, Gibbes and other…they knew everything, but I NOTHING….Something terrible was going to happen, but I didn’t know what….In the last week of july 1918, I , my father, Gilliard, Gibbes,etc. entered at Ipatiev house.Terrible scene….House was in completelly chaos. Diaries, letters, albums, and others items was all around in house. ‘But where is Leskela?’-I asked my father, but I he didn’t answe me. Leskela’s diary…was taken by one guard,I think his name was Nemetkin,I don’t know. But Leonid Sednev….I saw him. He cried. His cried so aloud, so aloud!!!!!
'Papa, where is my Leskela?’-I cried.
'They killed him’-he cried
'they killed tsar, tsarina, and GDs also.All are dead.“-said my father.
"I don’t understand’,'where…where are bones’
'We don’t know, maybe we’ll never discover them’
My world was destroyed.They destroyed Russia, no more illusions…I found Leskela’s last letter written to me.Especially one sentence in that letter-'I hug you warmly’-made me cry..I thought 'And I hug you warmly, too, my dear friend, and my tsar…’
I was in shock.In later years, I think just about him. 'Why did they killed you? In USSR wassn’t a little space for my Leskela……We'l be forever friends, my dear tsesarevich….I want to see you just ONE more time, and I can die in peace……”