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I just recently read and watch Maurice and I have one question that won't leave me alone,we know that Clive and Maurice are the same age, they were in the same grade so probably no more than a years difference, but I got the feeling Scudder was younger than the other two by at least two or three years. So now i'm kinda here reading between lines cause I don't think its mentioned but I'm left wondering if Alec is younger than Maurice. Sorry about the weird sudden question.

Hi! :) Thanks for your Ask. I think a lot of us form this impression that Alec is younger because of the film’s casting and because of the powerful impression Rupert Graves makes as Alec. <33  (At the date Maurice was shot, James Wilby was 28 – though he looks years younger – Hugh Grant 26, and Rupert 23.) Forster’s novel is precise about Maurice’s birthdate and Clive’s age – but, as you say, not Alec’s. And you’re definitely not the first person to ponder this question…

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*Letters between Forster and Isherwood on Homosexuality and Literature (2008) edited by Richard E. Zeikowitz. **The drawings of Isherwood and Forster on the book cover are by Don Bachardy.  :-)  In fact, the book was dedicated to Bachardy by the editor.

***A letter where Isherwood is sending his high praise to Forster for his book, Maurice.

Favorite quotes about Maurice from Isherwood’s letter:

”What a book! In some ways, your very best.” - Totally agree, Christopher!

“And Maurice himself is a masterpiece–one of the few truly noble characters of fiction.” - Heck yeah! You better believe it!

“I have nothing, really, to criticize about the ending–except that you shouldn’t stop there. Or there should be a sequel.” - I love that Isherwood was demanding a sequel! LOL! 

“I should love to know what [Alec and Maurice] are doing now.” - The moment when Isherwood became ALL of us in the Maurice fandom.