#straight people™


Malec in 2x10 + Details

  • Alec crashing into Magnus as if the force of it could reassure him of his presence and relief coursing through his whole body when he pulls him close
  • Alec slightly lifting Magnus up from the ground with the weight of the hug
  • The hard and desperate press of lips, so powerful they’re both shaking
  • The both of them drinking each other in, virtually no distance between them, like they’re afraid that if they close their eyes the other would disappear
  • Magnus rubbing soothing circles into Alec’s back, holding him tightly, eyebrows furrowed both in worry and relief
  • Alec pulling Magnus impossibly closer and burying his nose in Magnus’ shoulder, breathing him in

they’re literally in love

  • Alec: I guess you could say I've... fallen for you *winks*
  • Magnus: You literally just rolled down an entire flight of stairs, how are you even alive-

#who would have thought that our grumpy alec #our closeted gay son #would have finally come to his terms and accepted himself #accepted who he was #and embraced his feeling for magnus #who would have thought that he would have probably hold magnus’ hands in a crowded place like tokyo #and would have suggested to take domestic cute pics in something so mundane like a photobooth #honestly i am sorry #i’m just having a lot of alec’s feels at the moment #i am so proud of my son and how far he got  #it’s probably because hiatus is gonna hit us like a train in 2 hours or so and i AM NOT READY TO SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN