Alda rambling

I love Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’s antagonists, like:

  • Very gruff man who just wants to live in peace with his dog (might not actually be a man, might not actually be a dog, it’s complicated)
  • The shark
  • The kitten who has NO relation to the aforementioned shark at all
  • Those Rowdy 3 guys, who are four guys, that show up to be punk and cause mindless vandalism
  • Agent Fuckboi with the pretty face and the dangerous stupidity that’s basically what happens if a CoD player was given a gun
  • Todd
  • The literally unkillable assassin that can’t NOT kill you but the twist is she’s gotta walk all the way over there, like through the woodlands and shit, she’ll DO it but it might take a while
  • Suburban southern mom who just wants to do something nice for herself and she’ll   k i l l   y o u   for ruining her good time
  • The secret-facility-black-ops guy that….actually he is kinda creepy. like for real. ugh.

you know that movie trope where character A overhears character B say something like “I don’t like A” and they start crying and run away and never talk to B again but actually B was saying something like “I don’t like A, I love A!” and A would have known that if they had just stuck around and confronted B and you’re like “just talk to each other!!!!!”

that’s how I feel when people see a tumblr post and assume it means something without ever asking the OP about it

the problem with being good at working under pressure is that you’ve procrastinated until the last minute so many times and frantically turned in a project 10 minutes before it’s due so many times that you’ve become confident in your ability to wing it. You’re cocky. You’ve never had to face the repercussions for being such a shit but when that happens, hoooo boy.

never give up on your dreams. if you want ice cream, go get it. even if you forgot you took it out of the freezer and it melts, even when you could just put it back in and save it for another day. When that ice cream is leaking all over bc you underestimated how liquids fill their containers and your hands are sticky and you’re making a midnight mess, you get a straw and you suck it up, literally.

remember my tablet pen that was wrecked and I couldn’t find a replacement? So I went and arranged buying a new one and already put in a payment for it? WellI figured ‘hey I’m getting a new one might as well take this old sucker apart!’


fixed it


My dog likes to follow me around everywhere when no one’s home/awake, and if he’s chasing me just a little too hard, I can just hold out a hand and go “shhh” and he’ll slow down to an acceptable sneak

he’s so smart and I love him so much