So I just wanna throw an opinion out there- I think universities should have a mandatory alcohol awareness/safety crash course. And I don’t mean one of those bullshit ones where they tell everyone not to drink, ever, because that’s unrealistic. I mean like an actual one, where they teach you about body tolerance, how to actually figure out the alcohol content in a drink, how fast bodies metabolize alcohol, stuff like that. Because a lot of that information is EXTREMELY important, and unfortunately, students are left completely on their own and have to learn all of that on the street, and will make horribly unsafe choices because no one educated them (I’ve seen this happen to many friends of mine). It’s the kind of information that could prevent serious alcohol poisoning, or lower the chances of sexual assault occurring. Idk, this is a late night thought I had, and I think universities are doing students a disservice in not teaching people about it, and instead pretending that telling people not to drink will solve all the problems. I know that’s how my school handled it.

"Just give him another chance." All of Jon Jones' fuckups since joining the UFC

Dec. 12, 2008 Three months after his promotional debut at UFC 87, Jones is driving with his girlfriend, Jessie Moses, and allegedly loses control of a 2001 Subaru on an icy roadway in Ithaca, N.Y. The car slides into two occupied parked cars, damaging the driver’s side mirror of one and forcing the other off the shoulder, according to an accident report.

Jan. 18, 2009 Jones, again in the 2001 Subaru with Moses and his newborn daughter, Leah, is cited for unsafe passing in Ithaca after allegedly hitting a car that was attempting to make a left turn. The driver of the opposing car claims he had his turn signal activated; Jones admits he didn’t have his on and acknowledges the car was slowing down. Emergency services are called to the scene, but there are no injuries.

Jan. 20, 2011 Jones was involved in a car crash while driving his Chrysler 300. The crash resulted in a woman leaving the scene of the accident on a stretcher.

Nov. 24, 2011 Jones is driving a black 2012 Bentley – given as a gift by the UFC – when a cop spots him “drifting,” or intentionally losing traction, around a corner before pulling into the parking lot of an Albuquerque strip club. The Bentley is towed after the cop runs Jones’ license and discovers it’s suspended. Jones is cited for “loss of traction” and driving with a suspended license. The charges are later dropped.

May 19, 2012 Jones is intercepted by Binghamton (N.Y) police after striking a utility pole. He is with two female passengers, who sustain minor injuries in the accident. Jones, allegedly slurring his speech and walking unsteadily, is taken into custody after he “politely refuses” a sobriety test. He’s later fined $1,000, ordered to undergo an alcohol-awareness program, and must install an ignition interlock on his cars. He also receives a six-month suspension of his license.

Sept. 23, 2014 Jones is fined $50,000 and ordered to perform 40 hours of community service for his role in a brawl with Daniel Cormier in the lobby of Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. The two were there to promote their UFC 178 pay-per-view headliner (though the bout was later pushed back to UFC 182).

Jan. 17, 2015 Jones is fined $25,000 for violating the UFC’s fighter code of conduct when an out-of-competition test in connection with UFC 182 reveals the presence of cocaine.

April 27, 2015 Hit-and-run incident. Jones turns himself in to Albuquerque police the same day police officially named him as the lead suspect in a hit-and-run that resulted in a 25-year-old pregnant woman to break her arm. Witnesses say Jones ran a red light and then fled on foot from the scene before turning back to stuff a handful of cash down his pants and again flees. Police find a marijuana pipe and marijuana in the car along with Jones MMA memorabilia and rental-car documents linking Jones to the car. A plea agreement allowed him to avoid jail time and clear his permanent record by serving 18 months supervised probation, during which he agreed to give 72 public-speaking engagements. As part of his agreement, he was also required not to break any laws. The UFC stripped him of his belt during this time.

Feb. 7, 2016 Jones was cited for driving without a driver’s license, proof of insurance or registration. While having broke the terms of his probation the judge decided not to give Jones jail time but instead he was given community service.

March 29, 2016 Jones picks up another 5 violations to his probation for drag racing, exhibition driving, weaving, failing to properly display his license plate, and modifying his exhaust pipe. A video was released showing Jones cursing at Albuquerque police officer Jason Brown during a heated confrontation. Jones denies drag racing and calls Brown a “liar” and a “pig”. In a subsequent interview, Jones admitted he let his emotions get the best of him and apologized. Jones is required to complete a driver-improvement course, enroll in an anger-management course and complete 60 additiona hours of community service.

July 8, 2016 Jones is forced to withdraw from UFC 200 due to failing an out-of-competition drug screening with subsequent testing confirming the doping. Later that month the Nevada State Athletic Commission revealed Jones tested positive for clomiphene, an anti-estrogenic substance, and letrozole, an aromatase inhibitor. Both substances are banned in and out of competition and are described as, “hormone and metabolic modulators”. The substances are often used to reduce the increase of estrogen conversion during & following a cycle of external testosterone use.

She loved the way my lips tasted of
sweet honey that had been
entwined with fire.
I remember the way she held me,
how warm her body felt against mine.
Jack. You’re the only one for me Jack.
Her broken voice would whisper.
Among the many men I watched come
in and out of her life,
I knew she loved me most—I never disappointed her.
She was mine.
I loved our nights together,
in her dim apartment,
wrapped in her hands,
sitting on the living room floor.
I listened to her whole hearted monologues,
for each tear that fell, our lips touched.
She needed me.
I remember the mornings
after our encounters.
The way she would awaken,
curled up in a ball— broken,
realizing that I had been in her
secure grip the whole night.
She hated me.
Mornings brought bittersweet nostalgia.
The sight of me made her remember,
but dreaded to leave my side—
a final kiss always prepared her for the day to come.
She can’t live without me.

Black Panther Party Community Programs
1966 - 1982

1. Alameda County Volunteer Bureau Work Site

2. Benefit Counseling

3. Black Student Alliance

4. Child Development Center

5. Consumer Education Classes

6. Community Facility Use

7. Community Health Classes

8. East Oakland CIL (Center for Independent Living) Branch

9. Community Pantry (Free Food Program)

10. Drug/Alcohol Abuse Awareness Program

11. Drama Classes

12. Disabled Persons Services/Transportation and Attendant

13. Drill Team

14. Employment Referral Service

15. Free Ambulance Program

16. Free Breakfast for Children Programs

17. Free Busing to Prisons Program

18. Free Clothing Program

19. Free Commissary for Prisoners Program

20. Free Dental Program

21. Free Employment Program

22. Free Food Program

23. Free Film Series

24. Free Furniture Program

25. Free Health Clinics

26. Free Housing Cooperative Program

27. Food Cooperative Program

28. Free Optometry Program

29. Community Forum

30. Free Pest Control Program

31. Free Plumbing and Maintenance Program

32. Free Shoe Program

33. GED Classes

34. Geriatric Health Center

35. GYN Clinic

36. Home SAFE Visits

37. Intercommunal Youth Institute (becomes OCS by 1975)

38. Junior and High School Tutorial Program

39. Legal Aid and Education

40. Legal Clinic/Workshops

41. Laney Experimental College Extension Site

42. Legal Referral Service(s)

43. Liberation Schools

44. Martial Arts Program

45. Nutrition Classes

46. Oakland Community Learning Center

47. Outreach Preventative Care

48. Program Development

49. Pediatric Clinic

50. police patrols

51. Seniors Against a Fearful Environment

52. SAFE Club

53. Sickle Cell Anemia Research Foundation

54. Son of Man Temple (becomes Community Forum by 1976)

55. Sports

56. Senior Switchboard

57. The Black Panther Newspaper

58. Teen Council

59. Teen Program

60. U.C. Berkeley Students Health Program

61. V.D. Preventative Screening & Counseling

62. Visiting Nurses Program

63. WIC (Women Infants, and Children) Program

64. Youth Diversion and Probation Site

65. Youth Training and Development

The next time someone (white people and ignorant black people alike) tell you that the Black Panthers were a terrorist group/hate group, kindly ask them if the KKK ever did any of this. As long as YOU know what the panthers stood for and represented, that’s all that matters.

March bulletin board is up and running!! Because off-duty Stormtroopers need to find a better way to cope with their overbearing boss.

Okay friends, so I’ve entered this board in a social media contest her at OSU for Alcohol Awareness Month, and the board with the most favorites and retweets on Twitter or like on Instagram will win a prize for their staff. So it would be AMAZING if you guys could head on over to my Twitter (staticsandstuff or slhuckabay) and my Instagram (staticsandstionery or capn_samerica) and help me out.

Lana Del Rey on sobriety & community service:

“I spent the last ten years in community service and writing folk songs. I’m not a trained social worker. I’ve been sober for ten years, so it was drug and alcohol rehabilitation. It was more traditional twelve-step call stuff. Just people who can’t get it together, me and groups of other people who have been based in New York for a long time working with people who need help and reached out. It was about building communities around sobriety and staying clean and stuff like that. That was my focus since I moved to the Bronx when I was eighteen. I liked music, but I considered it to be a luxury. It wasn’t my primary focus: the other stuff was really my life. Yeah, because I was an addict who got clean.”

“Well, one thing you learn when you do get sober is that complete surrender is the foundation for all good things to come. And I feel like that idea translated to all aspects of my life. When you have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen to you or what your career’s going to end up like and you’re just really open to anything, then you don’t really have anything to lose. A lot of different people come in and out of your life. And it’s really fun to say yes, and it’s really fun to be easy about everything and just let songs come to you and let people come to you. And it is free, in a way.”

“I’ve been involved in homeless outreach for the last seven years. Drug and alcohol awareness — I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs anymore. When things aren’t going that well musically, you know … I stopped focusing on music for a long time so I started focusing on other things that I knew more about.”

“I live in Koreatown on the edge of Hancock Park [in LA], so I do different things where and when I can. It’s not just people with mental illness on the streets, but also people who, throughout the years, have lost identification information, that sort of thing. And I know what to do, I know how I can help, because I was that person. My life was feeling murky, and that sense of disconnectedness from the streets is part of that.”

“It’s not my fault that love went bad. I met this person I was going to spend the rest of my life with. We were both clean and sober. We lived together and then he started getting into trouble, and he had to leave. There’s a lot of facets to my life, they don’t all seem like they would come together. It’s been a strange ride.”

In her years in New York, working “odd jobs” and “helping out in the community, in alcohol and drug awareness programs” and playing the singer-songwriter open-mic circuit. - The Telegraph

She now raises money for a charity that helps homeless people. “Music was my passion, but my work with this foundation is more important. I myself had the chance to be [helped by an organisation],” the singer revealed to French magazine Madame Figaro. “Helping others now feels like it’s my turn to give something back.”

“I’ve been really involved in my community for the last seven years that I’ve been here, in lots of different ways. I’ve been involved in homeless outreach for the last seven years. Drug and alcohol awareness – I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs anymore. When things aren’t going that well musically, you know … I stopped focusing on music for a long time so I started focusing on other things that I knew more about.”

Some volunteering. I have a group of friends who work individually with different affiliations, but basically, yes. It’s been good. I consider being able to pursue music a luxury, but it’s not the most important thing in my life. It’s just something that’s really nice that ended up working for me for right now. Just in New York, just in the last seven years. When I realized that maybe singing wasn’t going to be so easy I went back to what I knew how to do, what I was also really passionate about. There’s not many things, but …”

“I mean, I do feel alone in the things that I do sometimes … sometimes I feel that I’m walking my own path. I’m not anymore actually, but I think that I did. When you lead a different lifestyle from a lot of other people – like you don’t do drugs, you don’t drink, you try and stay above the dark side of things – it’s just, that was maybe a position I was trying to embody just to stay calm.”

anonymous asked:

can you recommend the markers you use for colouring? and what paper do you use? duh, sorry for the question spam but I want to try new markers out and I thought I'd ask someone with experience :) thank you, hippano! :)

No worries! Thanks for asking! :) I use Promarkers, Brushmarkers, Prismacolor markers, and Copics based on whatever the art stores near me carry (really any alcohol-based marker will do). I believe Winsor & Newton bought Letraset so the Promarkers packaging will look a bit more like the Brushmarkers nowadays. BUT their tips are different so keep an eye out for that! Here’s an image showing the different tips:

Personally I like Brushmarkers best for their size and the brush tip, but if you’re going to an art store, try out as many types as you can to get a feel for what you like! I recommend starting out with pastel colours and applying several layers to increase intensity rather than starting out with intense colours if that makes sense?

As for paper, almost any paper works, though you’ll want to put a piece of scrap or two below the sheet you’re working on because these markers will bleed through the page. I usually use my sketchbook paper (65 lb / 96 gsm) which has a slightly rough texture, but recently I’ve found that I like heavy printing paper (32 lb / 120 gsm) which is smoother and thick enough that the markers don’t bleed through. I do NOT like using these markers on glossy paper – layering looks weird and it seems to take forever to dry! Be aware that alcohol markers will bleed a bit on any paper, so test out how much time and pressure to apply to each stroke before you start going over sensitive linework!

A couple more links: I mentioned a few of the colours I use here, and another pic of markers and pens I use for outlining here. Oh! and a comparison of bleeding on sketchbook vs printer paper here.

I hope that helps! If you think of any more questions, feel free to give me a shout! Good luck to you and your art!

Latch (Elliot Alderson x Reader)

A/N: I’ve found a tragic lack of MR fanfic despite the popularity of the show and the (ever-growing) size of the fandom so I’ve decided to make a stand. This is my first ever writing for this show and character so please be gentle but feedback would be very much appreciated. The other writers I’ve seen on here are brilliant so I hope to uphold those kind of standards. This is just a short fluffy piece I’ve put together inspired by the song Latch by Disclosure. Ask box is open for requests.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heavy drinking is defined as eight or more drinks per week for women, and 15 or more drinks per week for men. Binge drinking, which the CDC calls “the most common form of drinking,” is defined as four or more drinks during a single occasion for women, and five or more drinks during a single occasion for men.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) notes that about about half of college students who drink, binge drink.


The National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 requires states to prohibit anyone under 21 from buying or publicly possessing alcoholic beverages “as a condition of receiving State highway funds.”

It does not, however, explicitly prohibit consumption. According to the Federal Trade Commission, states may have limited exceptions, including those relating to religious activities or parental consent. But all states only permit family members to provide alcohol to a minor on private property.

By the way, after Prohibition, nearly all states lowered the boom on drinking under age 21, but by the mid ’70s, thanks in part to the voting age having been lowered to 18, 29 states had dropped it down to 18. A main reason the act was passed was studies showing that car car accidents were the leading cause of death among teenagers. And while it’s still the No. 1 cause, the numbers have dropped by a lot.


A 2014 Gallup poll shows that 74% of people oppose the lowering of the drinking age to 18. This is consistent with the percentage of people — 79% — who supported the National Minimum Drinking Age Act.


It’s easy to forget that drinking can result in death. Here are some stats from the NIAAA:

Death: 1,825 college students between the ages of 18 and 24 die each year from alcohol-related unintentional injuries.

Assault: More than 690,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 are assaulted by another student who has been drinking.

Sexual Abuse: More than 97,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 are victims of alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape.

Injury: 599,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 receive unintentional injuries while under the influence of alcohol.

And the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 10,076 people died in drunk driving crashes in 2013.


When you binge drink, basically your body can no longer process the alcohol, which causes the blood alcohol concentration to rise. The clinical signs and symptoms range from “minimal impairment, decreased judgment and control, slurred speech, reduced muscle coordination, vomiting, and stupor (reduced level of consciousness and cognitive function) to coma and death.”


In many colleges, alcohol is as abundant as laptops. A 2011 survey conducted by CORE shows that over 70% of students say that it helps them break the ice, enhances social activity and gives them something fun to do. So, be careful when you indulge –and remember, the old adage “everything in moderation” is never more true than when drinking alcohol. Most campus websites have guidelines on drinking in moderation, and tips often include:

Know what you’re drinking, and how much alcohol is in it

Don’t mix alcohol with energy drinks. The caffeine in energy drinks may mask the effects of alcohol and lead to drinking too much.

Drink plenty of water in between drinks

Never drive while buzzed, much less drunk

Arielle Hines is a junior at Central Michigan University majoring in journalism.

Every parent, grandparent and/or guardian needs to share this information with the teenagers they love.

From USA Today


Looking for Alaska board game. Appx. 6 hours of work, but it’s done (cards and all)! Can’t wait to use this in my English I class with my freshmen on Monday.
Thank you for an incredible book, @fishingboatproceeds!

Notes: The question cards -
Comprehension - comprehension/analysis/plot questions about the novel
Life - real-world scenarios and thought exercises related to the novel
Truth - FAQ questions about alcohol, drugs, DUIs, and more.
Dare - Creative, often physically engaging activities, such as “Perform an obituary at Alaska’s funeral as the Colonel.”
Happy to send game instructions and more details to anyone upon request!

God is not far away. Just when you lose yourself in love He is as close as He can ever be. When you lose yourself in dance, when you abandon yourself in dance, when the ego disappears in your dance, He is just your partner in the dance—nobody else but Him. Whoever the partner is, He is the partner. When your heart is throbbing with joy and ecstasy in singing, He is in your heart, at the very core of your being. And when you laugh, if the laugh is total, if every fiber of your being is laughing… That’s why I love jokes. Jokes are very religious, very spiritual! All jokes are spiritual because they suddenly trigger a process in you and you forget all your seriousness. For a moment you are again an innocent child, again full of wonder and awe. And the laughter overwhelms you, you are drowned in the laughter. The ego is not found when you are deep in laughter. And whenever ego disappears, God is. Remember it as one of the most fundamental laws: whenever the ‘I’ is absent, God is present—they both cannot be present together. The relationship between the ego and God is just like the relationship between darkness and light. If light is present, darkness cannot be there, because darkness is nothing but the absence of light. How can there be presence and absence together? If darkness is there then light cannot be there.

There is an ancient parable: After many many millions of years, Darkness approached God and told him, ‘This is too much! I have been patient enough, but for no reason at all your Sun goes on torturing me, chasing me every morning. I have not even taken enough rest and he is back and the chase begins. And I have to run and he goes on running after me. Now it is getting tiring. I have not done anything wrong to this Sun. Why is he so much after me? Why is he carrying such enmity for me?’
God also thought, ‘This is unfair!’ And he called the Sun.
The Sun came and said, ‘I don’t know what you are talking about. Have you gone mad or something? What Darkness? I have never come across any Darkness. I have never seen her, I have never met her, so of course, why should I chase your Darkness? I don’t even know her! Where is she? You bring her before me! And unless you bring her before me, how can I answer? Both parties have to be present in court. First I have to see who this Darkness is who has been complaining against me and with whom I am not even acquainted. All these millions of years since you have made me I have never seen her, I have never met her. I don’t even know her whereabouts.’
And God said, ‘That is right. I will call her.’ And since then, millions of years have again passed and God has been trying. You have heard that God is omnipotent—he is not, because he has not been able to call both of them together yet. Yes, sometimes Darkness comes and complains and sometimes the Sun comes and says, ‘This is unfair—let us both be present.’ But even God is not capable of making that happen. So it is just pending, it is in the files. One day, just looking in the files I came across it, and I think it is going to remain forever in the files. Darkness and light cannot be present together.

The ego is just darkness; absence of consciousness is ego. When you become conscious, ego disappears. When consciousness is total, ego is not found at all. And the totality of consciousness is another name for the experience of God.
God is not a person, let me remind you again and again—God is only an experience of absolute awareness, of ultimate ecstasy. Hence I say laugh deeply, love deeply, live deeply. Risk everything for love, laughter, life. Let your life be a great exploration and go on always moving into the unknown and the unknowable.

Nobody else has used jokes in a spiritual way; hence sometimes people are shocked. When they come for the first time to listen to me, naturally they are shocked because they want to hear something very serious—as if they are not serious enough already!
They want to hear something esoteric, something nonsensical, something which makes no sense to them; then they think there must be great meaning in it. When something is incomprehensible to them they think this is great philosophy! Whenever they come across something written in stupid jargon, esoteric, occult, spiritual, they become very much interested. They think they are going to find some treasure in it.
The treasure is not hidden in big words, the treasure is hidden in you. And it is to be discovered, not through big words, it is to be discovered through wordlessness, it is to be discovered through silence.
And haven’t you felt after deep laughter that a sudden silence comes to you in the wake of it?—the silence after a storm. For a moment it is as if the mind stops functioning… you are utterly relaxed, in a deep rest. Those are the moments when you start feeling the presence of God. Those are the first glimpses that God is. There is no other proof.
Hence my commune is going to remain a shock to the traditional people. They have seen many spiritual communes, but they were all serious.

Jesus would understand what I am saying, but not the pope of the Vatican, because these fools go on saying that Jesus never laughed. And I tell you, on my own authority, that he must have been one of the most hilarious persons. Who else can laugh so beautifully as Jesus? Who else has the right? He was not a deadly kind of saint; he lived, and lived very close to the earth. He lived with all kinds of ordinary people—with drunkards and gamblers and tax collectors and prostitutes—and he loved eating and drinking.
Indian spiritual phonies are very much against drinking. That’s why they cannot believe that Jesus is enlightened. Many Jaina monks have asked me, ‘Why do you say that Jesus is enlightened, as Buddha and Mahavira are? He used to drink wine!’ There is nothing wrong in it, one just has to learn the art of drinking wine. One should not drink too much; the golden mean has to be followed. Nobody has ever heard that Jesus was lying in the street! He must have known how much to drink and when to drink and when not to drink. And moreover, wine is absolutely vegetarian; far more vegetarian than milk which Hindu, Jaina, and Buddhist monks think is the purest food. Milk is animal food! It is closer to nonvegetarian food than to vegetarian food. It is part of the human body or the animal body. But wine has nothing wrong in it. And if one is foolish one can drink too much water and can get into trouble. So it is not a question of drinking wine.
And what is wrong with enjoying eating? He must have enjoyed eating because we have many references that every night with his disciples the gathering used to continue late into the night, eating, drinking… And do you think everybody was sitting serious and somber and saintly while they were all eating and drinking? Is this the way to drink and eat and enjoy? No, they must have been telling jokes and they must have been gossiping and they must have been talking like human beings. He was very human in that sense, far more human than Buddha and Mahavira. They look more abstract, more in the sky and less on the earth. He was very earthly. He used to stay in the house of a prostitute, Mary Magdalene. Now, your Vatican pope would not have that much guts! Even though he is a Polack, that much guts I don’t think he would have!

But when people come here, these people who think themselves spiritual, they come with their ideas, their prejudices—that there should be no laughter, no dancing, no singing. And when they see sannyasins hugging, then this is too much—as if there is something wrong in hugging! When they see people holding hands with deep love they are shocked. Spiritual people should be very anti-life, utterly life-negative; they should not affirm life in any way. And my whole effort here is to affirm life in all possible ways.

A few jokes for you:
Once there was a little girl who came across the word ‘frugal’ and asked her mother what it meant. She was told that it meant ‘to save.’ The next day the child was asked to write a story at school, and handed in the following:
‘Once upon a time a princess was lost in the woods and as night fell she became frightened. She began to run, crying out, ‘Frugal me! Frugal me!’
‘A passing prince heard her pleas and ran to her rescue. He frugaled her and they lived happily ever after.’

‘Hey, Giulio, where did you get the black eye?’
‘Aw, I was at my girl’s house,’ explained the young lover, ‘and we was-a dancing together real-a tight-a when her father walked-a in!’
‘So,’ said the Italian, ‘the old-a guy’s deaf-a. He couldn’t-a hear the music-a!’

A Texas cowboy was walking down a Tijuana street. Suddenly young Pablo walked up to him and yanked on his sleeve.
‘Hey, meester,’ said the boy, ‘you wanna make love to my seester?’
‘Podnah,’ said the Texan, ‘Ah don’t even drink the water here!’

—  Osho

Glühwein (German Mulled Wine)

A warm winter drink that tastes like Christmas. Recipes vary but the basics are red wine, spices, sweetening and fruit, heated together so flavors can mingle. It’s served hot like tea and warms you up on a cold day. It’s also served outside at the Christmas markets. (There are no restrictions on outdoor drinking of alcoholic beverages in Germany.) Makes 8 servings:

1 bottle of inexpensive, full-bodied, fruity red wine - 2 cinnamon sticks, broken into pieces - 16 whole cloves - 1 Orange -  2 tablespoons honey - 1 heaped teaspoon mixed ground Christmas cake spices, or equivalent amount of ground allspice, nutmeg, and coriander mix - 1 glass of water 

Put water in large pan; place over medium heat. Add cinnamon, honey, and spices. While honey is dissolving cut the orange into quarters lengthwise, then cut them in half so you have 8 pieces. Push 2 of the cloves into the skin of each piece, add to the pan. Pour in the wine. Bring the heat up. It should not boil so when bubbles start rising, turn the heat off. As soon as it is cool enough to taste, test for sweetness. If it’s not sweet enough, add sugar to taste and stir to dissolve. Let the pan stand for 1 hour or longer so the flavors develop. Warm gently before serving and spoon out into a heatproof glass, leaving oranges and cinnamon behind. Optionally garnish with a slice of orange or a stick of cinnamon. Note: The wine has not been heated enough to evaporate all the alcohol, so be aware that this is still an alcoholic drink. Some people like to add brandy for more body, but of course that adds dramatically to the alcohol content. Another way of adding body is to pour in a glass or two of Port. Enjoy!

College!Harry AU - Part Two (Filler Chapter)

Part One can be found here.

This is just a filler chapter but part of the story nonetheless! Mentions of date rape drug-use (not from precious Harry, don’t worry) and assault so be aware x

The alcohol was in full flow as you entered the first party of the new year at the footballers’ house on campus. It wasn’t a place where you’d usually hang out but Liv had persuaded you to come along because Her new squeeze, Louis, was hosting with his team mates. It was smoky from cigarettes and music was blaring someone’s God awful playlist over the speakers. You searched around for some people you knew, feeling out of place and out of sorts with your surroundings, entering the kitchen to pour yourself a drink.

You weren’t sure it was him at first, he was surrounded by a couple of girls fawning over him in the corner next to the punch. The light was dark so you couldn’t quite make out his features properly but, it must be him. He gave you a look before returning his attention to the girls next to him, kissing each one every few moments as they laughed hysterically at whatever jokes he was telling them. Way to massage his ego even more.

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One Of The Best

((A/N: So! I wrote this at work which means I should either find better things to do or be grateful I’ve got down time. That said, I like this a bit. It’s me working on being fluffy, so it’s pretty fluffy. More from Dean’s perspective, which was also new for me. But hey, why not! Requests are still open, and don’t hesitate to ask me for stuff you have. I write Dean, but I’m open to anything. Please don’t be afraid to ask (and if you are, ask anon!)

That said, gist is that you go on a date, Dean decides it makes him unhappy, fluffiness ensues.

Word Count: 2350

Warnings: Language, drinking.))

“What if he winds up being a shifter, huh? Think of that?” Dean tipped his glass that probably had a little too much whiskey in it at Sam. His face was red, though Sam guessed that was more from the rants he had been going on for the past half-hour.

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