Just do me a favor… if you’re in college and have a friend (or someone in one of your classes) who you notice is drinking on a regular basis, constantly showing up to class drunk (if at all), drinking in irregular or inappropriate situations, who is drunk early in the morning, shows up wasted, show up wreaking of alcohol, ect… don’t just sit back and do nothing because “it’s college”. That person could have a serious problem. It’s really not that hard to say, “are you okay?”

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She loved the way my lips tasted of
sweet honey that had been
entwined with fire.
I remember the way she held me,
how warm her body felt against mine.
Jack. You’re the only one for me Jack.
Her broken voice would whisper.
Among the many men I watched come
in and out of her life,
I knew she loved me most—I never disappointed her.
She was mine.
I loved our nights together,
in her dim apartment,
wrapped in her hands,
sitting on the living room floor.
I listened to her whole hearted monologues,
for each tear that fell, our lips touched.
She needed me.
I remember the mornings
after our encounters.
The way she would awaken,
curled up in a ball— broken,
realizing that I had been in her
secure grip the whole night.
She hated me.
Mornings brought bittersweet nostalgia.
The sight of me made her remember,
but dreaded to leave my side—
a final kiss always prepared her for the day to come.
She can’t live without me.
Glasgow University named Scotland's 'booziest' University
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Fancy a messybomb? Glasgow University is widely acknowledged as a prestigious institution, with many awards and accolades to its name. But recently another title was added to this long list – fourth most boozy university in the UK, and booziest in Scotland. (more…)

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Okay friends, so I’ve entered this board in a social media contest her at OSU for Alcohol Awareness Month, and the board with the most favorites and retweets on Twitter or like on Instagram will win a prize for their staff. So it would be AMAZING if you guys could head on over to my Twitter (staticsandstuff or slhuckabay) and my Instagram (staticsandstionery or capn_samerica) and help me out.


A Nice Christmas Drink

A hopefully amusing alcohol awareness film I just cobbled together in the last week. It’s very silly but it makes me laugh. x