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Hello Not Sober Linddzzz! Who drinks who under the table: Bilbo or Thorin?

ok so like. hobbits eat 100000 times a goddamn day and somehow manage to only look well rounded and not “main mode of locomotion is tip over and roll” right???? like they’re pleasantly plump.

what im sayin is. hobits got a fuckin crazy fucking metabolism.

bilbo. bilbo wins every time.

but unfortunately thorin thought he had this in the bag right like a bet probably happened. he was probably smug and bet like. his shirt. bilbo said “your shirt” because bilbo knew what was gonna happen and bilbo is a sneaky tricksy little hobbitses.

so thorin is like lmao this is adorable ok we’ll drinking game with the hobbit.

he is anahilated. anialated.


king under the rekt mountain.

shirtless king under the rekt mountain.

all are in awe of bilbo. bilbo is also aways invited to thranduils aprties. always.

How To Cleanse Your Energetic Body From Alcohol

Like most 25 year olds, I chose to ignore the signs produced by alcohol- long after the hangover. I tried to dismiss it as a “one time thing” or, “maybe I still feel this way from Friday because I didn’t eat that night” but in reality, my body was begging for attention.

I have a love/hate relationship with alcohol. Kind of like our first experiences with green juice- hate the taste but love how it makes us feel. Except, the more green juice you have the better you will feel long term while the more alcohol… the opposite effect happens.

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oh shhiiiit, dawg! it has a plot! and holly’s swooping in just before they run out of time, we’ve never seen that before!!!


anyway @genuine-roses and @lilzerz123 asked for suffering so here ya go

i really need to make them have an order or something don’t i

i started school again and i’m p sure all my new friends hate me so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ welcome to the club haha i hate myself


1956 Brewers’ Society ad by totallymystified

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I think my addiction stuff is pretty locked to just alcohol at this point. I’ve found that I’ve been able to adequately test willpower on other types of drugs and not crave them or impulsively use them (nothing like cocaine or such, the ones that have a super high chance of physiological addiction and withdrawal, I won’t risk it).

But the big old ethanol I can’t fucking escape it, I still get fucking cravings from smelling rubbing alcohol, it sucks.

Or lmao maybe I’m just fooling myself that a relapse is a willpower experimentation run. Wouldn’t the real test be to have it in my presence and not do it at all? Not just do it less. Mmmm sweet sweet terrifying doubt.

335 days sober

I feel like the grip of sickness is finally letting up. I slept for over 15 hours yesterday. I was finally able to eat and drink water today without vomiting and my fever broke this afternoon. My abdomen is stiff and sore from the constant dry heaving. My headache hasn’t left yet but it is finally manageable. I spent the day painting to distract myself from the headache. Lights, noise and movement no longer bother me. My doctor told me to avoid extended TV and computer usage for at least another week. I am trying to not overdue it! I’m legendary in that respect. I hate being held back by sickness and I often set myself back in recuperating by pushing myself too hard. 

My sponsors have been continually texting me. I know they mean well but I suck at allowing people to care for me. The one keeps texting me and asking to chat. Shes worried about me slipping away from the program I guess. Its been over a week since I’ve attended a meeting. I suffered a concussion, I was unable to bike to meetings and quite honestly drinking/drugging was the last thing on my mind. I can’t stand it when people try to press their concerns. I get aggressive and I wont hesitate to push them away.  

Anyways I need to go to bed now! glad to be sober thru this all. 


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