“Potter’s Asthma Cigarettes - For the relief of Asthma Attacks and other Spasmatic affections of the repiratory tract.”

Asthma cigarettes didn’t contain tobacco, but crushed and dried herbs from the nightshade family of plants called solanaceae. Indian Hemp and Cannabis are similar herbs that were also included in some brands. These herbs typically contained an alkaloid called Atropine that causes mild bronchodilation, making breathing easier. The demand for these special cigarettes remained strong until the inhaler was introduced as an alternative.

Dash!FIC - “Caviar Is a Dish Best Served Live” (slug preg)

warnings: slug mpreg/parasites, inflation, whump, alcohol abuse, non-graphic emeto/nausea, Harvey’s Big-Ass Needles™

Anonymous asked:

I wish you’d write a fic where Dash accidentally swallows a hundred or so slug eggs, (slugs are the size of small squash ) and for the next few weeks he grows with them slowly moving around

And I was like…….. yes. So here ya go!

Day 0

“Caviar, sir?”

“That’s ‘Your Grace’ to you,” said Dash Cantor, raising a signature single eyebrow.

“Oh- terribly sorry,” said the waiter, narrowing his six eyes like he was daring Dash to sniff out the sarcasm. “Caviar, Your Grace?”

“Eh, sure,” Dash said. “But first…” He pulled from his (fifth) glass of pinxt until it was empty and put it on the alien waiter’s tray, upsetting a perfect stack of toast points in the process. With both hands free, he was able to grab one of the points, dip it into the dish of pearly eggs, and use the serving spoon to pack a seven-centimeter-tall pile of caviar onto the toast.

The waiter chose to leave rather than watch Dash shove Mt. Ovum into his mouth in one bite.

Your Grace? You aren’t royalty, Dash,” said a female voice directly to Dash’s right.

“An’ ‘ow do oo know thad?” Dash replied around his 500-credit mouthful of eggs.

“Because I’ve known you since you were five,” replied Cora Caspian. She wrinkled her nose watching Dash swallow the last of the food. “And royalty wouldn’t do anything that gnarly.”

“Hey,” said Dash, wiping his mouth on his satin pocket square, “you know what you’re getting when you take me to one of these fancy benefits.”

“Good company, I’d hope.”

“True, my dear Cora, but also,” Dash said, reaching a cupped left hand away from his body without looking at it, “someone who doesn’t shy away from a free spread.”

Another alien waiter put a full, foaming glass of pinxt into Dash’s outstretched mitt. He downed the pink foam in a couple hearty gulps.

“Nothing’s actually free, Your Grace,” Cora said, grinning.

The pinxt buzz was too strong now for Dash to wonder what Cora meant.

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Fic rec: The One Drink by diemdoll. #politics #accidentalbonding #marriage. #WIP

The One Drink by diemdoll - M, WIP - When Hermione Granger went to the pub for a drink after a hard day at work, the only thing she expected to wake up with was a hangover the size of a hippogriff. She certainly didn’t expect to wake up married. And she certainly didn’t expect to wake up married to Draco Malfoy.   


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