Return of Bartender Demo! Scout found out about his extra job and decides to tag along. Demo retaliates to this new addition by bringing Sniper along to help alleviate some of the stress brought on by the boy and the drunk Medic, as well as refusing to sell Scout any drinks by claiming that he’s underage - even though they all know he’s in his twenties ^^

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As I dug into the story, I found a 2003 article and a 2011 article in a textbook by Slovenian academic Miha Kozorog. His research suggested salamander brandy was just a creation of shady, drunken bootleggers who used the poison in the salamander’s skin to give their hooch an extra kick. The fuck-wine myth of salamander brandy came from a Slovenian satirist named Blaz Ogorevc in the late ‘90s. He wrote for a magazine called Mladina, which, as best as I can tell, is a more political, Slovenian Cracked.

Blaz Ogorevc is something like the Balkan Hunter S. Thompson, without guns and dynamite but with a lot of satiric stories involving substance abuse. So while he’s not an inherently unreliable source, he’s exactly the kind of dude who’d spin a tall tale about tree-fucking under the influence of magic liquor. Had Cracked been fooled? There’s nothing we take more seriously here than fact-checking, so I stole Editor-In-Chief Jack O'Brien’s credit card, booked a flight to Slovenia, and spent a week finding out.

Most of the young people I met in the capitol, Ljubljana, had stories about salamander brandy. A few claimed to have tried it, always at a party with lots of other people, never with any evidence. Some people said it was just another sort of liquor; others wove lurid stories of intense drug trips. I think most of them were lying, or at least exaggerating. But as I got further out of the city, in the medieval town of Skofja Loka (the apparent world capitol of salamander-endruggening) I ran into stories with more specific details.

Robert Evans Investigates The Truth Behind Salamander Brandy

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warning: emotional abuse in this part, alcohol abuse

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The party is already well under way when Tony arrives.

A couple of giggling starlets stumble into him as he enters; they smell like they’ve been swimming in booze. He’s too sober for this.

Tony wades through swathes of drunk people stumbling around to music loud enough that it makes the arc reactor shudder in his chest until he finally finds Ty sitting in an alcove with three women and two other men. He breaks into a smile, arms coming forward to reach out to Tony. “Sweetheart, there you are!”

Tony’s heart sinks.

This isn’t going to be a public blow-out. Ty’s putting him in the sweatbox for this. Sometimes Ty does that when he’s angry—it’s like he’s fine, like nothing even happened, they’re all good, only for him to explode later like a time bomb with an invisible timer. The explosion is inevitable, Tony just doesn’t know when it will happen.

“Hey,” Tony breathes, ducking down to kiss him when Ty tugs at his shoulders. “I’m so sorry I’m late. I lost track of time—”

“Somebody get this man a drink!” Ty calls.

“I’m sorry,” Tony repeats in Ty’s ear as he sits, someone putting a tall glass in his hand. Maybe he can mitigate the damage. “Thank you for the party.”

Ty grins and tips the glass toward Tony’s mouth. “Drink up, you’ve got a long way to go to catch up.”

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Bottom layer:
Daiquiri Mix
UV Orange
Orange Juice

Middle Layer:
Pineapple Juice
Banana Rum

Top Layer:
UV Red

Garnish with gummy candy

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Bottom line

Being sober does not make you a better person. It might make you happier or healthier, but it does not make you a better person than someone who drinks. And being someone who likes to drink doesn’t make you worse or better than someone sober.

Stop trying to assign moral weight to your sobriety, or someone’s lack of it.

She was drunk
her hair, same shade as mine,
fell onto my cheeks, my chin
I think a strand touched my lips
I wished I wasn’t sober.
Her arms encircled me,
she wouldn’t let me go-
as if I would ever want to leave.
Her eyes looked down to mine,
her hand caressed my cheek,
her legs bracketed me
warm, soft, safe, perfect
she looked at me
(I wondered what she saw?)
Before tilting her head back up,
away from my face.
Her hair gone from my lips.


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