A Spell To Help A Loved One Overcome Alcohol or Substance Abuse

You will need:

  • A Picture of the person before the problem arose or became acute; however young
  • Four feathers
  • A white candle


Sunday mornings

The Spell:

For the week before the first spell, put the feathers in a square around the picture and have them remain there between subsequent spells.

Each night light the white candle and waft each feather in turn over the picture, saying: “May freedom be restored, more joyous than before. I blow away what destroys you that you will feel anew life and hope supported by those of us who love you.”

Extinguish the candle.

On the actual spell morning, repeat the words, and actions but let the candle burn.

Carry the feathers to a windy place and release them, saying the same words for each one.

Replace with new feathers and a new candle.

- “1001 Spells: The Complete book of Spells For Every Purpose,” by Cassandra Eason

What really confuses me about societies opinions on drugs, is the contradiction behind our opinion on alcohol in comparison to marijuana. How can we collectively consider alcohol a safe and acceptable substance, while seeing maryj as harmful and concequental? I can’t even IMAGINE what the emergency room at all hospitals look like on the weekends.. With all the drunk idiots in there for various reasons.. Would bet my life on it that there wouldn’t be anyone there for maryj though. Maybe its just Australia still, but I am so sick of this negative stigma behind such an amazing drug, when alcohol has been proven scientifically and socially, time and time again to be a dangerous substance. Did y'all know alcohol is a depressant? All I know is that alcohol isn’t as innocent as everyone makes it out to be, and if you’re still sitting there thinking its not that bad - do some proper fucking research. Just because something’s legal, doesn’t mean its good, and just because something is illegal, doesn’t make it bad.

Prompt: Designated Driver

AU prompt. The minute he’s legally allowed to drink alcohol, Alois Trancy goes out to the hottest bars in town with his friends to celebrate his birthday. His long-time crush and best friend Claude offers to drive them all home at the end of the night in his minivan.

On the ride home:

-Sebastian mortifies Ciel by singing a flawless and heartfelt rendition of “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” while Alois nearly dies laughing.

-Sieglinde recites her favourite bomb recipe before making out with a surprised (but receptive) Lizzie.

-Finny vomits out of a window. He turns back into the car to reassure everyone that he’s “not as think as they drunk he is.”

-Mey-Rin, usually shy about showing affection, gets wholeheartedly handsy with Bard, who has never been so terrified and turned on at the same time as when he discovers the .38 strapped to her outer thigh and the cop badge tucked behind it.

Bonus points if you work in this interaction:
‘You’re drunk.’ ‘You’re sexy.’

anonymous asked:

I was wondering, is drinking alcohol is especially bad for teams men? Because I heard it converts testosterone into estrogen. Do you know if it actually impedes my HRT from helping me change physically, or is it perfectly okay to drink a couple of beers? (In moderation, for the record... excessive drinking is never okay, of course)

Kii says:

All I’ve found is that it’s bad for your liver, but while you’re on testosterone, you should be honest with your doctor about your drinking habits.

All the sources basically said what is summarized here: