Hey everyone. I’m Phin. I am 28 years old. After nearly a decade of drug and alcohol abuse, I’m finally going to treatment. Please send me some positive vibes or light me a candle during this time of healing. I’ll need all the support I can get.

So many positive vibes, my adorable friend. You have so much strength and courage to do this and seek treatment. It may be a difficult road but we are all rooting for you and are here to talk to any time. You deserve to get better and feel better. Never forget that. 💙💚💛


Winding down eating delicious Mexican food and drinking my favorite drink - piña coladas! 🍹It has been a busy weekend, and I’ll need time to unwind from SDCC, but I had so much fun. 😊
#relaxtime #relax #mexican #food #alcohol #pinacolada #selfie #shamelessselfie #redhead #redhair #glasses (at Caramba Mexican Restaurant)

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