justanunholysinner  asked:

Can you alchimize a Horrorterror eye + Wooden staff + A piece of a blue diamond (Both) ? Thanks!

Horror terror eye || wooden staff || blue diamond
You make the diamond eye of staffs,
It’s a eye make of diamond that can show you all around derse. Due to the staff you alchemized it it with, were ever you tap can throw a staff. See the queen in the eye? Tap the glass and throw a staff at her. It isn’t to most effective weapon , but it sure is hilarious to watch the queen and king try to figure out were the staffs are coming from!
Horror terror eye && wooden staff || blue diamond
You get the staff of the all seeing diamond
It’s a staff with the diamond eye of horror on top also known as the staff of the diamond eye
You can hold it up and tell it what to show you and it will open a small portal and show it to you. It works very simply and you can ease drop on all of your friends now!
The Great Work: Alchemy Symbol Enamel Lapel Pins
The Great Work is a new line of soft enamel lapel pins, presenting the symbols of classical alchemy as transformative style. These 1.5″ pins combine a black soft enamel with a shining nickel finish to make stylish and subtle accessories to any ensemble. They will be shipped to you on a backing card bearing the Strix Publishing logo, appropriate for gift giving. The Great Work begins with mercury and sulfur, but when funded a golden path will open and numerous options will become available.

The flask in which the alchemist’s work is heated, is now sealed, and within it the material impurities separate from the spiritualized substance that is the goal of the hermetic work. This is pictured in the image of the winged dragon. As Hermes says: “You must separate the gross from the subtle, gently and with great sagacity.”

“The word ‘Amen’ is from Amon, the father god of Egypt, and was an ancient Egyptian salutation to the supreme power of the Universe." 

- Manly P. Hall: The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Man’s origin was as spirit, not a physical body. These souls projected themselves into matter, probably for their own diversion. Through the use of his creative powers for selfish purposes man became entangled in matter or materiality to such an extent the he nearly forgot his divine origin and nature.

~ Edgar Cayce

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Theory and alchemy

We were playing a homebrew campaign, and my character was a mage. He always wanted to have a mobile alchemy-box, which contains the basic tools for alchemy. So after several adventures, he managed to gather enough gold to buy one. Though, he had to wait, until the party arrived into a big city.

So what you gonna do fellas?
Mage (me) (OOC):
Finally! I. MUST. HAVE. An alchemy box!
Allright my friend, I’ll go with you to avoid thieves.
*Note: My character always failed perception checks against pickpocketers, somewhat the warlock were quite effective…mostly.
I’ll go too, just in case.

In short: The trio found a shopkeeper, who not only sales alchemy-box, but a quite valuable one, for a reasonable price. With the help of the rogue (good charisma rolls), his dreams came true. The shopkeeper also gave him a manual.

You’re welcome.
So heading for the inn? I hope the others managed the book a room or two for us.
Indeed! Let’s not waste the time!

Some time later, the party decided to go shopping and looking for a quest/job, but my character was too excited. He decided to read the manual, and try his alchemy skills. Few hour later the party returned to the street, where the inn located.
Of course, the Dm asked me to roll a lot of skill-check. I did not fail, but there was a lot of “almost” success.

Allright, Perception check for everyone!
*Everyone rolled good.*
In short, you see some smoke comes out from the window of the room, you just booked.
*In the voice of disbelief*
Is that…our room? The window… of the room… we booked?
*With somewhat proud and sly voice.*
Ah! It seems our mage just discovered the fine little details between the theory and the practice in the Alchemy.
*From the window.*
HURRAY! *coughing* SUCCESS!
If my clothes got smoky, I’m gonna break his legs! 

The Ouroboros or Uroboros (/jʊərɵˈbɒrəs/; /ɔːˈrɒbɔrəs/, from the Greek οὐροβόρος ὄφις tail-devouring snake) is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail.

According to the Teachings of H.P. Blavatsky the Ouroboros symbolizes:

(1) Eternity, such as in Hinduism where the great serpent Ananta-Shesha, who some portray as having seven heads and others as being thousand-headed, represents Eternity and Infinity itself.

(2) The never-ending cycle of evolution within the Eternity

(3) The “circle of necessity” of the Egyptians or the numerous reincarnations of the soul throughout its cyclic evolutionary journey, periodically casting off its temporary body just as the serpent periodically casts off its skin.

(4) Wisdom, the serpent having always been the chief symbol of wisdom in all nations throughout history and revered as such in all the religions and philosophies of the world except theological Christianity. Yet Christ himself is recorded as using the ancient symbolism, which was perfectly known throughout the Middle East, when saying “Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” In Sanskrit the word “naga,” meaning serpent, is also a synonym for “initiate,” one who has been initiated into the Mysteries of the Esoteric Wisdom.

(5) The circle is also the ancient symbol of perfection.

H.P. Blavatsky: The Secret Doctrine