Infiltrator (Investigator Archetype)

Doors and people alike open for those deemed trustworthy, and with the art of disguise, a cunning individual can take advantage of that to undermine them from within, or simply investigate their goings-on.

Indeed, today the recurring ghost of archetypes all sharing the same name returns with yet another infiltrator! I poke fun, but today we’re looking at the investigator flavor of this concept, which specializes in undercover operations. Like an undercover cop, they infiltrate an organization specifically to learn all they can from within, and potentially use that to bring it all crashing down.

However, in a world of fantasy, these infiltrators can be much more than cops with a convincing cover story. Indeed, the ability to use alchemically-fueled shapeshifting and disguises means they can appear in forms both mundane and monstrous, to achieve their goals, a notion that reminds me of detectives in various series who dramatically rip away disguises at the right moment when making arrests. The more comedic the series, the more outlandish the disguises.

Regardless of the nature of their disguises, these infiltrators can do a lot with them, and even their mundane disguises are incredibly impressive, able to mimic individuals vastly different from the investigator, and all thrown together in a matter of minutes.

This is supplemented by their ability to mimic voices, which they train to do quite well, though the more different the voice is than their own, the harder it can be to maintain it.

However, all of this is made even more impressive by their various applications of alchemy, as they learn how to make their various extracts tied to changing and disguising their form even more potent and long-lasting, not to mention putting their talents into making their alchemically-induced disguises all the more perfect.

Interested in a sneaky investigator that can walk into nearly any enemy stronghold given enough preparation and the right disguise? This archetype might be for you. While a social and rogue-ish build works very well with this archetype, consider also throwing in some power and prepare to cut loose with some polymorphing combat extracts.

As masters of disguise, these investigators can adopt many different personas to suit their needs. However, that gives no indication of who they are inside, which may take real trust to bring out.


Riding pegasi and proclaiming to be descended from angels, the Order of the Shining Eye claim to wish for nothing more than the good of all. However, Masina Devena isn’t buying it. Her investigations within have discovered that the order is digging for something, a weapon they call the Burning Eye.

Though still unnerved by the notion of vehicular and mounted travel, Phra is no ordinary orang-pendek. Thick clothing and a few touch-ups have allowed this educated investigator to pose as a halfling from a far-away land, demonstrating uncanny genius in portraying herself as a retainer or servant to many an organization, learning all she can from within.

The party is in the midst of routing a cultist cell, when one of the cultists reveals himself to be a double agent, willing to aid them if they do not blow his cover. Do they trust him, or do they assume he is lying, both might have terrible consequences.

7. “But this was my favorite shirt”

Mari had a long day. She had woken up to notice that her Palestinian boy toy had gone off to do errands without her, and that the African Warlord that slept on her couch was not in the mood to ‘eat out’ so to speak, and went to his job selling churros. Not that he ever was in that mood, at least with her. No amount of masturbation could settle her frustration, and she decided to give up and go out and buy groceries. She had put on her favorite shirt, a blue one with an alchemic looking symbol from an anime she loved, in the hopes that the comfort would brighten her day. Of course, getting juice spilled on it at the store and fighting off an assailant and turning him into a bloody mess kind of saw the shirt stained and tattered. Mari rushed home to clean it, but ended up ruining the shirt even more. As her two roommates entered, she screamed in frustration. She cries, after explaining her reasons: “…But this was my favorite shirt…” After a lofty and heartfelt story, the warlord puts in an order for a new shirt as her toy takes her to her room. Perhaps the day wasn’t so bad… but that was still her favorite shirt. 

“There can be no rebirth without a dark night of the soul, a total annihilation of all that you believed in and thought that you were.”

- Hazrat Inayat Khan: The Soul’s Journey

“Man, after having vainly sought for the light of the Truth in externals, and found nothing but darkness, at last discovers that the land of the sunrise exists within his own soul.”

~Franz Hartmann: Magic White and Black

Art Journal 📓 “Celestial Sisters II” Collage by Bonnie Currie of Arcane Memory Designs Copyright 2016