Alces alces

Descobri que as pessoas que partem das nossas vidas, necessariamente não se vão para nos causar dores e deixar saudades, mas sim porque a missão delas de nos ensinar algo de bom já terminou.
—  Pedro Schier.

this young bull moose came to visit at the neighbors’ place. i was inside, checking e-mails and putting up posts for you, when we heard the dogs start barking. a while later, my pup was barking again - and heading towards the path along the river’s edge, which i could see out the large picture window.

we called francis inside, since we’ve been training her Not to chase Any animals (tricky, since in the past she’s helped us guard livestock by keeping predators away). but mr. zapata, the neighbor’s dog, headed for a confrontation… with the huge yearling moose that was emerging from the brush just 30 feet from the cabin. mr. z wasn’t fazed - he knows his job - and he told this moose how far he was allowed to go, and No Further (otherwise the moose eat everything in the gardens before the humans can). then he confidently trotted back over to his favorite shady spot on the other side of the cabin to lie down.

the moose must have met mr. z before, because he knew that boundary line would be strictly enforced. so he stood around for a few minutes, sampling the plants available for browsing in his immediate area before ambling back off into the woods. in the meantime, we got a nice look at his shiny new antler nubs growing in. he was a handsome guy. -5/7/17

Depois de um tempo, eu aprendi que o próprio "tempo" é o melhor remédio para curar as cicatrizes das paixões que não deram certo.
—  Pedro Schier.