Little Kingfisher (Alcedo pusilla)

…a very small (4.3-5 inches!) species of River Kingfisher (Alcedinidae) that is native to northern Queensland and the north Northern Territory in Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands. Little kingfishers are often seen in open forest, woodlands, swamps, mangroves, and other sufficiently wet places. Where, like other kingfishers it will plunge dive for small fish and aquatic invertebrates. Little kingfishers will nest on the banks of rivers, nesting typically occurs from October through March. 


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Coraciiformes-Alcedinidae-Alcedo-A. pusilla

Image: JJ Harrison

Madagascar pygmy kingfisher (Corythornis madagascariensis)

The Madagascan pygmy kingfisher is a species of bird in the family Alcedinidae. It is endemic to Madagascar and found in western dry deciduous forests. It feeds mainly on frogs, but also insects, including grasshoppers, beetles, earwigs and ants.

photo credits: Frank Vassen

Spotted Wood Kingfisher (Actenoides lindsayi)

…a striking species of kingfisher (Alcedinidae) which is endemic to the Philippines. Spotted wood kingfishers typically inhabit subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, where they are typically seen near bodies of water. Like most kingfishers A. lindsayi feeds mainly on fish which are caught via plunge diving. 


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Coraciiformes-Alcedinidae-Actenoides-A. lindsayi

Image: Doing Big Year

kingfisher flight and lotus by FuYiChen
kingfisher flight and lotus,翠鳥飛行和蓮花
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