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Noah Fence, but I don't want H's album to be anything remotely like Niall's album. I want them completely different I don't want Harry compared. Also I only know a little bit about Niall bc I've always been here for H but interviews I've seen, don't recall N saying he likes the type of music Harry does-only recall the Eagles it seems after 1D is defunct that he mentions enjoying artists H has. Makes me skeptical. I truly hope Harry is deliciously different 😛

Sceptical that Niall really likes the artists he says he likes? Yeah I think you have your Harry-goggles on, Anon :) Niall has always loved classic rock, he has talked about it just as much as Harry has.

I have no doubt Harry will be deliciously different! :)

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actually hdd hinted that the album release date would be during sony's first quarter - "SOUNDS LIKE IT WOULD BE A SMASH IN ANY DECADE. STYLES’ ALBUM WILL HIT DURING THE FIRST QUARTER OF SONY MUSIC’S FISCAL YEAR"- apparently their first quarter is over by the end of june. personally i trust~ hdd when it comes to info re: harry's music since from the beginning they've provided accurate info (other than billboard announcing the signing)

First they said “Harry Styles—whose first solo album and single will be hitting in late April or early May, with Jeff Bhasker producing under his new Columbia deal” (Feb 15), which led lots of fans to assume he was dropping his album and single simultaneously. HDD then clarified on Feb 23rd - “the lead single, which could come out as soon as late April or early May, sounds like it would be a smash in any decade”. Then they expanded even further on Feb 25th, repeating the same line about the lead single’s likely release date and adding, “Styles’ album will hit during the first quarter of Sony Music’s fiscal year, which promises to be another big one for the company

So basically they’ve been adding and clarifying info as they get it. They are a legit source, and the only ones to indicate an estimated release date so far. Release dates are subject to change and they might be fed bad information, so we just don’t know. But if what they’re saying about it being slated for a Q1 release is true, then there is wiggle room within that quarter but it’s unlikely to move to Q2 (July/Aug/Sept)

If the album is released by the end of Q1 (end of June), then promotion will come extremely close to Dunkirk’s premiere. My feeling is that he’ll need to get the bulk of his initial bout of album promo done by circa July 7th, so the album is more likely to be released closer to the beginning of June than the end…….IF HDD is correct.

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yikes. there's no doubt that harry can stand on his own and make his own decisions, but it's kind of disheartening to hear that he's surrounded himself with not great people. i wish subpop or something had the $ to snatch him lol.

Nah don’t worry about that. Harry’s been surrounded by those clear eyed reptiles since he was 16 and he’s done just fine. He’s also got good people around him.

Anon 2: The guys a crack pot. He’s anti capitalist, wild and weird and him and Kanye live parallel existences for saying and doing off the wall shit. His “clear eyed reptile” comment shows exactly what he thinks of big business and execs.

He knows more about the clear eyed reptiles in the music industry than any of us. Yeah he’s wild and weird but not a crackpot. He just speaks up about the filthy side of the music industry more than most people who wanna sell records.

Anon 3: Well Father John is an indy artist. I was surprised he performed on Saturday Night Live. I know he trolls but I don’t think he was trolling here, especially not with that last comment. lol

Yeah I think he was serious because it wasn’t prompted, he was just asked who his fave 1D member was :)

Anon 4: I don’t understand what that guy was saying with his tweets. Can you explain?

 He said Harry’s new album is fuckin’ insane, confirmed he was being serious, said that yes Harry wrote it himself and is obscenely talented. But he’s surrounded by ‘clear eyed reptiles’ (i.e. music industry leeches) which is a shame. 

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The girl who took the vid said it was a preview of the new releases for late 2017 and now some people are taking it at face value but I guess people forget that since this is his debut album the goal is really for it to be a huge breakout first solo effort and I know harry is established but i don't think it's unlikely that if the girl is right about late 2017 releases that just means his album will have a later release date for Mexico and maybe some other countries as well. hence the name

I doubt it - the album is likely to be released around the world at the same time. 

The journalist said the presentation mentioned albums to be released in “late 2017″ but I’m not taking that as confirmed. She isn’t a native English speaker, maybe she meant “later in 2017″…who knows? All we know is that it’s coming soon.


Happy birthday to Mötley Crüe’Dr. Feelgood, the fifth album, released on September 1, 1989! Long live Mötley Crüe, and thank you for this amazing album! \m/ 💛

He’s the one they call Dr. Feelgood
He’s the one that makes you feel alright ♥

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before Harry's being a mexico based artist aka there's no way his name would be included in an upfront for new, major releases in any Sony us/uk showcase. also if hdd didn't actually get word of a timeline for his album idt the word album wouldve ever been mentioned in the first place in any of their write ups

I’m not quite sure what your ask means…? There’s no way Harry’s name would be included in a Sony UK or US showcase? Why not??

Lots of publications have written about Harry’s album coming out this year. He signed his record deal more than 8 months ago so  it’s a perfectly reasonable assumption to expect an album in 2017. HDD obviously have their sources, but everyone’s expecting a Harry album.


MUSIC. by JoJo

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You've probably been asked this a million times before but I am wondering who has the final say in which of Harry's songs and how many are put on his first album? Will it be accurate to say that Harry's first solo album will contain the ultimate collection of Harry's songs that he's most proud of so far?

The absolute final say will be with Columbia. But I’m fairly sure that Harry will have negotiated a deal that gives him a lot of creative freedom and autonomy. And if his label is confident in him and his team, and assured that he is working with seasoned producers who will protect Harry’s creative vision as well as helping to guide his creative decisions, they will leave most of that decision-making up to him. The label will definitely work with him to choose singles, and often that’s where artists and labels clash.

And yes - his first solo album SHOULD contain the ultimate collection of the songs he’s most proud of so far!! If not, he’s doing something wrong :)