Nonexistent Platformer, by MatrixMarioX
7 track album

I have released an album!

A small compilation of tiny chiptunes for a game that doesn’t exist.

This is my first original work release, and I’m very happy to start with something like this. It’s a free download too!

Check it out, and I hope you enjoy it!

The wonderful cover art was done by @kerocola!! Follow her!


troyesivan - WILD Album Release

Okay so after about an hour of frustrating technical difficulties, I have given up and just left the gif black and white. But I also put in a frame with the colour so you know what it’s supposed to look like! It was really fun to make but I just can’t get a good quality gif of it. :/


July 17, 2001

Aaliyah’s self-titled album “ΛΛLIYΛH” was released 14 years ago today.  It received highly positive reviews from critics and debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200. In 2002, Aaliyah received a Grammy Award nomination for “Best R&B album” and “Rock the Boat” was nominated for “Best Female R&B Vocal Performance”. In 2003, “More Than a Woman” was nominated in the same category. “ΛΛLIYΛH” received many other awards and nominations.