WIRED! has been released at last!

The HOUNDWIRE debut album is free to download if you wish!
Any and all donations from the album will go towards merchandise and other fan luxuries!

HOUNDWIRE is a union of inspired electronic musicians from around the globe bonded with the purpose of shedding light on a new musical outlet ranging from soothing ambient to intoxicated breakcore.

HOUNDWIRE currently holds twelve musicians, some of which have multiple aliases to branch off their music.

Learn more and keep track of HOUNDWIRE through our other territories!



Hear Ryan Adams Play An Unreleased Track, ‘The Door’ and More - on Today’s World Cafe

Ryan Adams just released his new self-titled album. Adams produced the new album himself in his own PAX-AM studio in Los Angeles, and brought the band he worked with (including co-producer Mike Viola) to this extended World Cafe session. They wound up performing a bunch of songs — including the previously unheard “The Door,” which was to appear on Adams’ unreleased “black hole album.”

[LISTEN] Ryan Adams on World Cafe

                                       dBPony Greatest Hits!

                                 Album coming soon to bandcamp!

                                        Date to be announced!

BIG DEAL For dBPony in August because it’ll mark this horse’s 2nd anniversary in horse music. HOW EXCITING! Only took me this long to get an album out right? Yea well shat app. 

The album will feature 9 tracks including a new and upcoming release! 

So for all of those who were asking for an album for all this time WELP here ya go! 

I will officially announce and link you all to the album when it is released. Until then please keep an eye out for all of my social media outlets as well as my youtube page! Links will be below.

Reblogs and spreading the word are appreciated! 

Thank you for all of your support guys! Love you all! 





Album cover art is by PaletteSwap

Dance, Fall
  • Dance, Fall
  • mallory
  • To The Hollow Night

Mallory is pleased to announce that To The Hollow Night has an official release date. It is now set for Midsummer Night, June the 21st, at 10:51 PM EST, the moment of tipping back into a lengthening of darkness.

We have been blessed by the toiling hands of Chelsea Granger with the artwork associated with this album.

We hope that you all enjoy Dance, Fall: the single song we are releasing before Midsummer.



Album Announcement.

New Pinkamena Party compilation in celebration of one year of Maud Pie, a few days early for Maud Pi(e) Day on Saturday, March 14th.

Get it here:

What music would Maud Pie enjoy? 

This is a question that is met with the usual rock puns without much further thought. However, we at Pinkamena Party know eclectic/esoteric taste when we see it, and Maud definitely has it. Thus, it is only reasonable to assume Maud would really enjoy listening to more avant-garde genres of music. At the same time, she would enjoy music made with actual rocks, and music that sounds like rocks and stones. Put them together, and you have this album. 

This album is nearly 2 full hours (1 hour, 56 minutes, and 51 seconds to be exact) of nothing but arrhythmic and atonal avant-garde, sound collages, field recordings, musique concrète, soft noise, etc. made exclusively with rocks, stones, and the like. Over 30 different artists made rock sounds for Maud, and we hope that we have made Maud Pie proud on the 1 year anniversary of her episode airing (March 14, or “Maud Pi Day”).

Please enjoy our rocks as much as Maud would.