Album Covers

The Beatles’ “White Album” (November 1968) originally was going to be called “A Doll’s House”, reflecting the spooky, odd, and varied collection of songs on it. The group Family beat them by just a few months however: their album “Music in a Doll’s House” was released in July 1968, forcing The Beatles to change their plans.

John Patrick Byrne had already been commissioned to provide the cover art to The Beatles’ “A Doll’s House”, which was later re-used for their 1980 “The Beatles Ballads” collection.

This illustration by Michael Whelan of H.P. Lovecraft’s Yog-Sothoth graced the cover of the 1990 Sepultura album, Arise.

I knew a guy at high school, a real metalhead. He was always walking around with mix tapes and talking about metal to whoever he managed to corner, lecturing them on why metal was the ultimate musical genre and everything else sucked monkey bananas. You kind of feared taking out your Discman in his presence because you just knew he’d ask what you were listening to, and that no matter what, he would tell you it sucked monkey bananas. Nirvana? Monkey bananas. Soundgarden? Monkey bananas. The Beatles? He spat on the ground.

Years later, I ran into him again. I was on my way to a friend and passed a line of people, and suddenly noticed his face among them. He didn’t see me but just kind of stared into space, like he wasn’t there. When I looked up, I saw a sign that said: Ticket sale—Mamma Mia!